July 18, 2020

What is ticking on TikTok

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As the dreaded COVID-19 pandemic continues to ravage the globe, people continue to devise different means of keeping themselves happy, instead of plunging into sadness as a result of the debilitating adverse effect the pandemic has exerted on the economy, personal lives and all.

Little wonder rave of the moment social media platform, TikTok, continues to be a source of engagement for people around the world.

In recent times, the video sharing platform has been an avenue for people to engage in different activities which in turn go viral with the speed of light.

The recent #voguechallenge has so far received almost 1 billion views. Many of us must have dreamed of being on the cover of fashion magazines – especially famous ones like Vogue. In this hot new trend, TikTok gave users the opportunity to live out their dreams.

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With the ‘VOGUE’ sticker added, users were able to create their own make-believe VOGUE covers – showing themselves in various styles. This hashtag got over 719.5M views globally and over 1.1K creations in Nigeria.

Also, #Dontleavemechallenge, a viral wordplay trend that started in Nigeria and got popular worldwide is worthy of note. In their videos, creators asked several amusing questions and once the answer was achieved, would quickly run away while others chased after them yelling ‘Don’t leave me’.

To date, this wordplay hashtag has got over 1.1 billion views globally and over 4K videos have been created with this hashtag in Nigeria.

Celebrities who joined the challenge include @michaelblacksonofficial, @brodashaggi, @mrmacaroni1.