By Simon Abah

History always repeats itself, the first time as tragedy, the second time as farce — Karl Marx. 

THIS article was inspired by happenings in Louisiana, United States recently when a conservative Judge and Chief Justice, John Roberts, a Donald Trump nominee, sided with liberal judges and gave the decisive vote to preserve access to abortion in Louisiana. Nine unelected judges decided the fate of many people.

The most dangerous people to be feared in the world are the educated people. Many of such persons encourage brown-nosing, lack basic principles, sit on the fence and are cowards.

Doctors cavorted after the ‘historic judgement’, these same doctors who swore to a Hippocratic oath to save the human race without bias. Money matters more now than saving lives and to kill children is now a line of work to be proud of. No more conscience in the world.

Women went over the moon; they have rights to do whatever they want with their bodies. And that includes enjoying sexual dealings but running away from responsibilities.

This brings to the fore the hypocrisy of the feminist movement. I remember when Chinese and Indian people aborted fetuses upon discovery that they were fetuses of female not male children. They wanted male children.

Even the Chinese were reputed for eating aborted female children; the feminist movement in America and Europe went to town crying blue-murder and campaigned against discrimination of the girl-child.  What do you have today? Same women say they have rights to abort children even without the consent of the man; after all it is their body. The man helped in conception but it is they who bear the burden and should be given the latitude to decide if they want to raise children or not.

Abortion is murder, however hard people justify it. I watched a practical movie on abortion in my days inside the University of Ibadan Arts Theatre. It was sponsored by a group to prevent students from engaging in the act then and in the future. I live with the gory scenes up and until this day.

I saw babies bludgeoned with sharp objects inserted inside women’s restricted areas and torn to pieces after which they were pulled out with massive blood in basins. Doctors crushed and tore children from their mother’s womb. These children have relations with their mothers, trusted them but their foolish mothers ratified their deaths.

And some people call these murders rights; these acts of idiocy? How are these people different from terrorists that murdered Americans on 9/11, terrorists that murder Nigerians every day and others in Somalia and around the world?

The unborn child is frail and needs the mother’s body for safety but many a woman not worthy to be called mother, murder them with permission from the state and doctors that should guarantee the safety of all citizens, born and unborn.

These murdered children might have grown up to become presidents or find the cure for AIDS and coronavirus. See how long it is taking to find the cure for HIV/AIDS.  What is the best of America’s tradition? The land of the free promotes contempt for the moral and ethical. Morality in America is a relative term and can be sold for a nickel.

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In the 1950s no-one would have thought this about America. The education of the mind and belief in universal values were encouraged but the 1960s upended everything noble about America. The era of fundamentalism, rights movement and the ordering of a chaotic society.

People went loco, demanded for rights without accountability, student unionism flourished without conviction, professors were threatened by students and average Joes revolted against society and its cherished values.

The press didn’t sit idly by. The press gave prime time coverage to people with no character who started trouble.

Self-importance quickly overrode the need to pursue a higher vocation and the structure of sensible inquest in America was ripped to pieces. People found reasons to dodge the draft, a draft dodger even became president later and a president in the 1970s to please society ended the draft.

The commitment of values in America since Roe v. Wade has been handed down to every man jack to debate about and abortion can be negotiated. Passion overtakes reason in hot pursuit, and there are too many cowards in America to speak up.

I saw a celebrated Nigerian in America promoting gay rights recently even though she is married to a man and not a woman. How come?

Such casuistry is regarded in the domain of people who are cowards; they do not want trouble and yearn to be admitted to the inner cycle of society. I do not see them as people who believe in progress but destruction because of their love for contemporary culture.

The taste and standard of the American society nowadays is very low; many a people have cruel impulses to kill without the knowledge of self. Advocates gun for rights but abandon responsibility and accountability. And the lackluster vanguard does nothing but talk.

Sex is a regular feature in the American life; so is hard drug but sexual-crime without the term. They promote the crime but not the term. “If you cannot do the terms then don’t do the crime,” isn’t that an American aphorism?

There are moral laws cast in stone, one of which is do not kill. When a woman procures abortion she has murdered an innocent child who did not beg to be born. Every human life needs to be protected at the moment of conception and such life must be accepted as having the absolute right to live regardless of the stage of development.

After all, life begins at the moment of conception but the voices of reaction have overcome the voices of progress and told Americans that young lives do not matter and should be killed. But for the intervention of the late Pope John Paul II, the Catholic Church and the Muslim world, the United Nations once contemplated the endorsement of abortion as a birth control to limit the rising growth of the world’s population.

I call their bluff: abortion is murder!

Abah, a teacher, speaker, campaigner and consultant, wrote from Abuja


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