Ihedioha, Supreme Court
Emeka Ihedioha

…Alleges he imported N187 million Mercedes Benz for office of governor

By Chinonso Alozie, Owerri

Imo people have been charged to remain eternally grateful to God for saving them from the sacked government of  Emeka   Ihedioha,which he alleged   imported a N187 million  Mercedes Benz  car  apparently for  official use as governor of the state.

The mind boggling allegation  of the sacked governor’s aborted plan to use a N187M car was made by the state commissioner for information and strategy, Declan Emelumba, during a phone in radio programme in owerri yesterday

The commissioner was reacting to a   suggestion by the chief press secretary to Ihedioha, Chibuike Onyeukwu, that the state governor   Uzodimma should come to Ihedioha for tutorials on good governance.

Onyekwu’s comments which he made at a phone in programme with   the commissioner on my FM station in owerri on Thursday was repeated at another phone in programme   with IBC orient FM owerri yesterday, also with the commissioner .

In response the commissioner said that on the contrary it was Ihedioha that needed all the tutorials from Uzodimma on good governance because the governor was more honest and transparent in governance than Ihedioha and also better equipped in every sense to govern Imo state

The commissioner argued that it was God that saved Imo people by delaying the arrival of the imported car until one month after Ihedioha was sacked by the Supreme Court.

He insisted that any governor with feelings for his people would not want to ride in a car of N187M when the people he was governing were still battling with the basic needs of food and shelter except such a person had imperial ambitions

“ The   car is equipped like Airforce one of the United States. It has a master bedroom, conference room, bar and other facilities. It is the type of car that only a Monarch, an   Emperor or one with imperial appetite will want to use “ the commissioner said.

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He continued: “In the   case of the sacked governor how can one explain that someone who claimed to have been elected to rule  impoverished people will have the heart to be riding in a N187M car when the poor masses are battling with basic needs of food and shelter”

Emelumba argued that if not for God’s intervention which restored the mandate of governor Uzodinma, Ihedioha would have proceeded to become an Imperial Lord and oppressor of the people

On how   the mind boggling car was imported, Emelumba disclosed that   it arrived the ports a month after the sack of the former governor and got to   the knowledge of government through the information network of the governor Uzodimma who impounded the car.

The commissioner therefore declared that a government with such gluttonous imperial appetite for ostentation and penchant for land grabbing can offer no lessons on good governance. He said Uzodimma was in a better position   to tutor   Ihedioha on good governance because he has capacity and that he is   honest.

The commissioner then charged Imo people to continually remain grateful to God for saving them from the clutches of a   government driven by ostentatious imperial appetite and insatiable gluttony for land acquisition.



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