Victoria Inyama in recent times has not been a quiet person. She is either lecturing the younger actresses on being responsible members of the society or she is advising them. Just recently, she took to her Instagram page to warn women who destroy other women’s marital happiness, declaring this generation as a generation of heartless people.

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“How we have turned into a heartless generation   , Women…How do U enjoy sex with him then tell your children ‘God bless U?? How? How much are you worth? When another woman is in tears? A woman is d birther of life …..and death too…Everything we do has consequences…Everything…Always remember that… 6á ÇhìDè7è mé|ìè ó7wù.”  she wrote.

“Every day I watch wedding videos, happy couples yet some girl somewhere is waiting for the groom so they can have sex. The groom is thinking of an excuse to travel to have sex with another woman. Please why did you get married in the first place,”  she pondered.

Victoria Inyama is no newcomer to experiences associated with them. Recall in 2018, she dropped hints about her then-husband,  who she claimed was abusive.



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