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CAROLINE MOORE: Driven by hatred for poverty, suffering

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By Charles Kumolu,Deputy Editor

Caroline Moore

Caroline Moore is the Convener of Why I am Alive initiative and the CEO of Eureka Productions Ltd – a media production organisation that specialises in content creation, media buying and public relations among others. She is driven by the passion to ensure people find their purpose in life. She has done numerous projects that bordered on helping individuals discover their purpose of existence. Moore, who has partnered with renowned individuals and organisations like WIMBIZ, RCCG National, Glazia, Tara, and Trany among others, tells her story.

How did you come about Why I Am Alive Initiative?

It began when I started asking myself this question: Why am I alive? I had to go through a self-discovery phase. I would walk through life, drive through the driveway and see children under the bridges begging. Whenever I saw young able-bodied people running around hawking food items, I wondered if that is the reason they are on earth. I also wondered if this all they are going to do and then die. I would further wonder why I was privileged to be in a home where I could get the support I needed to facilitate my dreams. Why am I in a car and they are on the streets? I did not get the answers immediately but as I went through life, it gave me the strong belief that every living being is alive for a purpose.

I hate poverty and suffering. That is why I felt I needed to use my passion and my greatest tool being my voice to fight it in creative and exciting ways. I decided to use my platform to pursue this through the contents we create.

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In other words, the Why I Am Alive Initiative came to be when I discovered myself and my purpose which is to support as many people as possible in discovering their life purposes. I was driven by the passion to see every person find his or her purpose in life and succeed at it.

You often say that you believe everyone on earth is here for a purpose…

Not just every human being but everything on earth is for a purpose.

For instance, the purpose of a mobile phone is to eliminate the barrier of distance during communication. Water has various purposes, one of which is to aid digestion in plants and animals including man. Even waste products serve various purposes and the list goes on. Anything which does not serve a purpose is usually tagged useless and discarded or eliminated. If non-living things can serve purposes, man should as well. It is a bit different for man because he sustains the earth and possesses a consciousness. Therefore, he serves a bigger purpose. This is why every human comes to a point where his consciousness becomes restless because it can only be satisfied once that purpose is discovered and fulfilled.

At what point does one realise he has a purpose?

I would say every day. Purpose is not some massive things far away. It is the question we ask and answers daily, weekly and monthly. As soon as you gain consciousness of life, you would understand that being alive is a privilege. Therefore, you would desire to make it purposeful.

Living purposeful lives

As a parent, the easiest way to assist your child in living a purposeful life is to live by example and start living purposefully. Children watch and imitate their parents consciously or unconsciously. Parents should watch their children closely and discover what their desires are. They should also understand how happy their children are when they engage in things that are of interest to them and support their dreams, goals and potentials. Doing that would encourage the children to live purposefully.

Honourable field

I will use myself as a classic example to answer this question. My father did not really support my career, I had to work hard and show him that it is an honourable field. Today, he is happy I fought for my passions, goals, and desires. He later became fully in support of it. I would advice youths to be diligent, hardworking and prove those who do not support their choices wrong but in the most decent and respectful way. It would take time. It would be difficult knowing that you love these people and expect them to be your top cheerleaders. At this point, you would have to be your number one cheerleader because if you can bring yourself up mentally, then, nobody can make you feel less.

Since the birth of Why I Am Alive, what are the difficulties you have encountered and a few achievements you believe are worth celebrating?

I am proud to say that the challenges we have encountered did not deter us from succeeding with the projects, instead, they made us realise that we are on the right path. Some of the challenges included getting benefactors to support the projects and a few financial constraints. But in 2019, we went to secondary schools and universities among others and empowered them through seminars, workshops and even provided some of them with scholarships. These scholarships covered fees for books, cost of feeding and of course, school fees. Our Market Women Empowerment Project, Why I Am Alive Masterclass and our just concluded Why I Am Alive Campaign: Nigeria Story Party, are considered great achievements.

Support system

In reference to one of the questions you just asked, family upbringing hinders the discovery of one’s purpose, being brought up in a family where other things except your purpose account for your success in life can be disheartening. Environment is also another one. Does your environment encourage what you want to do? Lack of support system can also discourage one from discovering his life purpose, when there is no source of encouragement or hope. Wrong mindset is dangerous. It kills dreams, goals, and potentials even before they are birthed. Bad relationships or associating with the wrong set of people usually lead to lack of support system and wrong mindset as stated earlier.

Overcoming obstacles

You need to open yourself up to content that would empower your mind consistently. Your mind is your greatest tool, be intentional for your mind to be empowered. Buy books, attend seminars and masterclasses, watch and listen to TV and radio shows, build the necessary relationships that will develop your mind positively and align with the purpose you desire to fulfill.

To live a purposeful life or fulfilling one’s purpose, you need to discover your purpose, believe in it, have faith, pursue it relentlessly and keep the dream fresh.

How has Why I Am Alive helped its participants so far?

Why I Am Alive has helped challenge participants to be focused and intentional about achieving their life’s purpose. We keep tabs on our participants by asking them for feedback on the steps they have taken. The responses have been impressive. I am so happy about how many lives we have impacted. Once you have an encounter with us on any level or platform, you will never be the same again, except your village people have a hand in your matter.

What do you have to say to those who believe financial security is a necessity for achieving one’s purpose?

It is true but it is not the first thing neither is it the most important thing. Financial security may not come at first but if you discover your purpose, believe it and do not hesitate to go after it, the earth will surely respond to you.

Leaders in Nigeria do not inspire citizens into fulfilling their purpose…

They should create platforms such as Why I Am Alive Campaign that helps people achieve results. These platforms should be open at low or no cost at all. They also need to constantly serve as examples of how reliable these platforms are by being among the participants, not necessarily board members. When people see this, they would want to follow suit.

Apart from ensuring purposeful living, what are your other areas of interest?

I love creativity. It is undying and ever fresh. Every day, new things spring up due to creativity. We either appreciate them immediately or learn to understand them before appreciating them.

I also have great interest in success. Who doesn’t want to be successful? It is jaw-dropping when those once referred to as hopeless eventually become successful.

I am a huge fan of abundance. Whoever puts his or her skills or into use, abundance follows. I have always loved to produce and be in front of the camera as well as behind the camera, hence, the establishment of Eureka Productions.

Why I Am Alive in 2020

Up next is this year’s Why I Am Alive Masterclass. The speakers would be announced soon and it promises to be awesome. I am encouraging everyone who reads or hears about it to be a participant.

With the huge success of the first edition, we would be having the second edition of Why I Am Alive Party by the end of this year. Also, the Why I Am Alive films and our TV shows would all be epic.


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