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Deputy President of the Senate, Senator Ovie Omo-Agege (Delta Central, APC)

By John Mayaki

Leadership, history has proved is the difference between great nations and the ones struggling to achieve progress and development.

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Where it is lacking, nations falter, broil in conflicts that are most times avoidable, leaving the nation on its path to failure. But the presence of visionary leadership, as prosperous nations have demonstrated, establishes a trajectory for sustainable development.

Nigeria, on different levels and at various times, has suffered a severe lack of visionary leadership. This has led to the present state of affairs in Nigeria: underdeveloped cities, dilapidated infrastructures, dysfunctional systems, dumbing-down of the citizen’s expectations of the government, high debt profile, and a range of numerous but tasteless situations.

This dark age of leadership in Nigeria, although having enjoyed a very long stint, has begun to give way for the new dawn. It first began with a spark, then a trickle and sprinkle of quality sparsely distributed here and there, and finally, in appreciable quantity and at the federal level. Today, one of the bright minds and intuitive heads that have come to rescue and save the situation of the country is the Deputy President of the Senate, Senator Ovie Omo-Agege.

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In a country that have had a long history of strife, crisis, and violence, which has in no little measure, contributed to the ugly state of affairs, there is a great need for the emergence of leaders who will unite our common fate, and preach the urgent message of friendship, peace, and unity. Omo-Agege arrived, at the right time, and against this background, rose to the occasion and the need of the time.

Just before the new year, Senator Omo-Agege urged Nigerians towards friendship, emphasizing the progressive benefits that can accrue from a nation deliberate towards friendship, peace, and unity. Although disagreements may abound in the building of a nation, which may be philosophical, ideological and in principle, it, however, strengthens the quality of solutions applied finally to the problems and questions of the country.

In Omo-Agege’s opinion, these differences should not serve as a reason for division and animosity, rather they should be understood for its true value for: the availability of rich options for possible solutions.

Putting practicality to his message, Omo-Agege sued for the coming together and rising above differences, of the APC party stakeholders in Delta State, for the forging of a common purpose, the delivery of quality leadership and establishing a path for sustained and continued growth.

Omo-Agege’s own words reveal his intelligence and vision: “Let us devote our hearts and energies to those things, and they are many, that unites us, that hold us forth as the largest black nation of the world. We must explore, exploit and dwell on them, for our common good. As the Deputy President of the Senate, the peace and unity of this our great country is paramount and it is something I will always work hard to preserve in the strong belief that we are stronger together as one nation.”

This notwithstanding, Omo-Agege’s stride is no longer surprising, especially to those who have paid close attention to his politics, and it is for a good reason. Senator Ovie Omo-Agege has since his emergence been consistent in his progressive ideology, in his vision and objective. It may only be getting widespread attention because of the position he now occupies, but it must be conceived that it is these qualities that first of all brought him to this point.

The significance and importance of Omo-Agege in the political scene have of course gone beyond him and his constituency. For a nation that has for long yearn and thirst for quality and visionary leadership, Omo-Agege remains a piece of good news for Nigeria.

His appearance and continued participation in the field will cultivate and nurture a new crop of refined leaders who, advancing the dream conceived by Omo-Agege, will bind the diverse people of Nigeria and drive the country towards its desired greatness.

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Mayaki, an Oxford and Cambridge University-trained entrepreneurship, leadership and sustainability expert, resides in England.



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