July 3, 2019

Smile sees value in Skyroam Simo partnership to improve mobile data services

Smile sees value in Skyroam Simo partnership to improve mobile data services

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By Juliet Umeh

Pan-African 4GLTE telecommunications group, Smile Telecoms, has formally entered into a partnership with Skyroam Simo, one of the world’s leading mobile Platform as a Service company providing global data access services, to enable more Africa mobile users to seamlessly connect to its services.

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Explaining what informed the partnership, Smile’s Group CEO, Ahmad Farroukh, stated that “Smile is a leading 4GLTE carrier in Africa and we are always open to new and innovative technologies to bring continued value add and benefits to our users. Our partnership with Skyroam SIMO will leverage its leading position in global virtual SIM platform and together bring the best service and value to our pan-African users.”

He said SIMO App emerges at the right time to bring access and affordability to mobile data for millions of Africans struggling with expensive Internet prices that keep them out of the market entirely.

Skyroam SIMO and its Virtual-eSIM technology are said to have the capability of delivering seamless 4G data connection to any user by automatically switching to the best 4G network nearby, ensuring the best reliability and speed.

In addition to creating a new way to access data for consumers, Skyroam SIMO helps carriers to develop their market at nearly zero cost by improving the efficiency of acquiring new customers, to ease the hassle of traditional sales channels, and to drive more value by improving the relationship with their customers. This partnership between Smile and SIMO will enable more Smile users to leverage Skyroam’s platform of over 135 countries and 200 mobile networks with best coverage and speed, is a big leap forward amongst Africa operators.

Founder and CEO of Skyroam, Jing Liu, said that “Skyroam Simo will work with Smile Telecom, a great partner who continues to bring value to its users as a long term strategy, together we will meet the needs of more people in Africa and bring explosive growth in mobile data usage. We will continue to innovate together with leading partners around the world to meet the demands of users where mobile data is becoming a must-have that impact our daily lives.”

The partnership also gives International customers from various countries in the world who use Skyroam devices the opportunity to roam on Smile 4GLTE network in all countries of Smile presence.