By Moses Nosike

Considering the role of women in families and our society, a Nigerian entrepreneur, lawyer and a season book writer, Orezi Saint Emamezi has advised the government at all levels to commence women empowerment in the country as a matter of urgency to reduce unemployment rate among Nigerian women.

Empowerment for Nigerian youths

Emamezi who has written many books with the recent one Victoria stresses the need for women empowerment as is practices in advanced countries.

According to her, the easiest way to reduce poverty in families and our society is to properly empower women, saying that if you empower a woman, you have empowered a nation.

Continuing, she said that government can help women through skill acquisition programmes to ensure they become self relient and that can also help them launch into large scale businesses  nationally and internationally. “This can be done through grants and all is geared towards creating employment among women.”

Saint Emamezi who is presently studying her LLM programme said that developing entrepreneurship skills and reading culture help any economy to grow and if Nigeria as a nation will imbibe on this culture better for the country.

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Speaking on her passion for writing, as an entrepreneur and lawyer, she said when she was young, she loved reading books that were inspiring, motivational such as Purple Hibiscus by Chimamanda Adichie, and also tell a good story. Emamezi confessed that the book gave her initial inspiration to take interest in writing, while her passion for writing is driven by the need to develop the Nigeria child and make him or her responsible person in the family and society.

On her book, “Victoria”, she said is her first book which is a story of a young girl in her  teens, who faces life challenges right inside her family, and her father is quite the lazy man, who does nothing more than visit friends or sit at home doing nothing while her troublesome mother fights to make ends meet in her home. You will have to read “Victoria” to find out what happened to her and her family.

According to her the book is to inspire the reader, particularly children within Victoria’s age not to give up and to also know that they can change their story if they believe. Stressing the importance of reading culture in the country, she agreed that one of the ways to improve the reading culture in Nigeria is by introducing reading clubs in the nursery, elementary and basic levels of education. “Also there is the need for school administrators to include reading classes in the curriculum of education. The family too should play a role in improving the reading culture of the children; the parents can make out specific time to read with their children daily”.

As part of her contribution to empower teens, she initiated Elmore Christo kids club which she said is a project she was inspired to establish for the benefit of children in the age of three to eighteen years of age. “It is my way of helping kids find their purpose in life. I also established it in the loving memory of my mother, Mrs. Ajiri Pearl Emamezi. She always loved to take care of children and invest in them as the women leader in the Anglican Communion (Diocese of Western Izon). So by establishing the Elmore Christo kids club, I am continuing from where my mum left off.

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