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Valentine: A little bit of appraisal please

By Seun Adeyemi

The concluding week has been full of activities as the world celebrated Valentine’s Day. There were sundry romantic shows of love, at least we have the social media to thank for letting us see tons of cozy poses and romantic gestures on it’s streets.


Again, so much has been done, much more have been said and a lot more promised, some for real but most as bait to get some poeple…in which we’ll soon begin to see the dividend in some people in nine months time, if you know what I mean.

And in other news, there are some who the sundry make-believe romantic shows is causing sleepless nights already. They are going green with envy and jealousy, some are plunging into self pity cum feelings of depression…all because of some other people’s make believe stories they have seen and perhaps heard. But if only they knew right.

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Most of those open showoffs aren’t the true representation of what’s obtainable in the relationships they have made their yardstick.

Though not everyone is showcasing a false story contrary to their present reality, yet very needless is all the worries and thankfully that’s not the focus of this write up.

In this piece, I’ve got a question for you, if you would be honest, does the paparazzi, show off and celebration of the just concluded Valentine’s Day reflect the love you show him/her in the preceeding 364 days? Is it worth celebrating Valentine’s over?

Yes, I mean does every bite on the food, every sip on the wine or juice, every dance step they had of the merriments you provided on Valentine’s Day speak the truth about how you have loved and treated them over the last one year?

Did they take that bite in deep appreciation to you or in deep apprehension and sighing?

Were they happy and content at the dinner table or just sat there sighing and praying the day never ends, because they dread imagining life going back to normal at the dawn of the next day? Hey slow down,

Don’t be too quick to answer that. You can’t be too sure…. Better still, you should ponder over it.

You may think “O I give her enough money. I pay the bills. I give him my body. I try to make him happy. I do all I can…everyday” well how good is that best? How deep is your care and concern?

You see, 50 or 60 per cent is a fair place to be on the score board if you’re actually working towards the full mark, otherwise, it’s a poor place to be.

And the good news is- There’s always room for improvement even when you think you are doing fantastic.

But the question is, are you working on reaching the highest score or you’re comfortable with your mediocre score?

You’ll know your answer judging from your input all year round. Asking yourself a few more question will further expound to you your place on the score board.

For instance, you should ask: How many times have I sacrificed for him/her? How often do I show love in words and deeds? How many times do I choose him/her over something or someone else? How many times did I cancel just to be with him/her.

How many times do I treat him/her to something special like I did during the Val’s? I tell you it is. It’s demanding but rewarding.

It’s doable but it asks your determination. It requires your commitment.

But if it’s worth it, you will give it all it takes.
To continuous bliss,

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