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Killings : Perpetrators must be brought to book — Msgr Gabriel Osu

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Director of Social Communications, Lagos Archdiocese, Msgr Gabriel Osu has lamented the spate of killings in the country and blamed the political class for the carnage. He said in a statement that the government was not helpless but lacked the political will to put an end to the killings. He therefore challenged the government to rise to the occasion and prevent the country from disintegration.

His words:

“How long will Nigerians cry out before those in authority will hearken to their cry and do the needful? ‘How long shall they kill our prophets while we stand aside and look?’ (Bob Marley)

How come we have suddenly turned against one another, spilling the blood of the innocent across the plains of the plateau, down to the river Benue and its tributaries, unabated? How come we have allowed murderers to be roaming about our country armed to the teeth? What effrontery!  How come we are not moved or touched by the mauling down of the defenceless men, women and  children whose only crime is to be born in this part of the world where the lives of humans count for nothing? For how long are we going to continue to be confronted with these ugly scenarios?

“The most recent and very gruesome bloodbath in Jos, Plateau State which had over 200 innocent Nigerians sent to their untimely death is most regrettable. In a sane clime, all the heads of security agencies in the country would have long tendered their resignations. If this were a land where things are normal, all those responsible for these atrocities would have been rounded up by now and sentenced accordingly.

Is it then a wonder that people hardly sleep well these days while cases of depression continue to rise! Unfortunately, we are in a society where anything goes. We have no regard for life. It appears the law is only active when the weak are at the receiving end, but inactive when the high and mighty are believed to be culpable.

“The on-going genocide in parts of the country is a clear indictment on our security mechanism. The recent news that the president has decided to re-jig the nation’s security is plausible and long over-due.

People are dying every day. Even the police are not spared. Recently seven of them where mauled down by gun men at Abuja. The other day it was two policemen. How long will these continue. Let us remember that these innocent humans have homes and families. They are breadwinners of families, fathers and mothers; some people’s sons and daughters. We cannot afford to fold our hands this way. God is going to call us account for all these evil deeds some day. There is no escaping the wrath of God except those involved are brought to book.

As it where, the whole world is watching to see what will become of us. They are not going to come down here to help us solve our problems. We have to face them squarely with sincerity of purpose. I don’t want to believe that our government is helpless. What they really need is the political will to bring this menace to an end. It is an ill-wind that blows no one no good. Our soil is soaked with too much blood. Our humanity is further debased each time we allow more blood to flow.

There can be no meaningful progress in any land where there are instabilities. Ask Afghanistan, Somalia, Iran and Syria. Our country is further drifting to the edge of the precipice each day. It needs urgent surgery. The political class are largely to be blamed for all these. For once, I want to appeal to all of them to shield their swords and discuss how to salvage what is left of our country. If they do not do this urgently, there may no longer be any country to call our own. God forbid!



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