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Hubby sneaked in lover when I was ill

Dear Bunmi,

I SUFFERED a serious ailment last year and had to be hospitalised for about a month.

I live alone with my husband since all the children are either in the boarding house or living away from home. We have servants.

All the time I was hospitalised, my husband was really wonderful. He visited me regularly and was so caring that I felt more love for him than in all the 20-some-thing years we’d known each other.

When I got home, a few of the things in the deep freezer were missing and I asked the cook how he got to know how to prepare the specially-packed delicacies. He looked scared when I asked him and he said he didn’t touch anything. When I threatened him with the police, he blurted out that it was my husband that took out the items for one madam to cook. After several prodding, he explained that he’d been bringing a woman home to sleep over all the while I was in hospital.

I felt such disgust and loathing for him that I couldn’t bear the sight of him. But for our four children, I would have walked out of the marriage. He’s always had his affairs, why bring his trollops home? He said it was a mistake and he was sorry, but I’m sure he’s not.


by e-mail.


Dear Boma,

What your husband did was awful but after 20 years of marriage, you want to find out why he felt confident enough to bring another woman to your matrimonial bed. Sadly, this goes on all of the time. It is the ‘baby’ in the men wanting to show off their beautiful homes to their latest catch.

With time, you’ll leam to forgive this indiscretion, but make him know you’ll never condone it again. You’ve invested so much into this marriage to throw it away on a fling your husband might not even be serious about.



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