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He was the only one who turned me on

Dear Bunmi,

My husband came home from a two-month course abroad, a changed man. He’s not interested in love-making and this has been going on for a few months. When I make the first move, he would say he has things on his mind and that I should give him time.

I have this sinking feeling that he’s caught some STD abroad and is trying to treat it before he makes love. I haven’t seen him with any medication though. What do you think could be responsible for his suddenly going off love-making?


by e-mail.


Dear Sherifat,

Your guess could be spot on! A lot of men have unprotected sex when they’re away from home and some develop symptoms that suggest an infection. The good news is that he wants to safeguard you from this, without giving the game away by using protection until he’s fully recovered. You need to confront your husband about this.

It will be difficult for both of you to face up to what has happened but the sooner you do, the easier it will be to rebuild your relationship.



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