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June 2, 2018

The art and music of Strong Oche

The art and music of Strong Oche

From Left: Strong’s mum, Strong and one of his art instructors, Prince Olusegun Adeniyi


Strong Oche, a dynamic young artist-cum-cartoonist is a Year 9 student of Caleb British International School, Lekki, Lagos. He is a 13 year old boy with amazing artistic talents in visual art and music. His dexterity in drawing and sequential art is incredible. He started drawing at the age of 4 and he began to paint on his own without tutelage at age 6. Strong crafted his own comic characters and has made over six comic books. He drew inspirations from super hero characters in Justice League, Marvel Avengers, Spiderman and Turtle Ninjas.

From Left: Strong’s mum, Strong and one of his art instructors, Prince Olusegun Adeniyi

Strong’s mum was his first art instructor. When he and his siblings were very little, their mum had introduced them to drawing and colouring. He was inspired by his mum’s paintings and his elder sister also taught him. Interestingly, his dad is also gifted in the arts. He draws quite well but he is more talented in music. He is a multi instrumentalist. Strong took after his father; he learned to play tunes on the piano within one month. He could reprduce, first in his mind, and then on the piano, any tune he heard.

At a tender age he ventured into art by drawing animals, especially lions and dogs. Then he liked drawing super heroes. He has tried his hand on portraiture. He has made commissioned portraiture for some individuals. One of them is the portraiture of his aunt on the occasion of her 40th birthday in March. The recent one is the portrait of the Governor of Lagos State.

Strong was born in Lagos but the family moved to Port-Harcourt when he was a month old. The family relocated to Lagos about a year ago. He is the first son and second child of among three children. The first, Angel, is 14 and a girl. And Cash, the third child, is 11years old.

The story behind the name, Strong, has to do with the day he was born: 2nd July. His father had asked the mum to read Psalm 89. And the word “Strong” appeared three times in verses 8, 10 and 13 and the chapter talks about the strength of the Lord. At birth he weighed 2.8 kg which was quite small. So the parents couldn’t think of a better name to give him than “Strong”. And it made all the difference because within weeks he had doubled in weight, became really chubby and had a really strong grip.

Strong is also good at his studies. He is good at Maths and he likes English. His hobbies are drawing, sculpturing, playing the piano, swimming and dancing. He also likes football and table tennis.

His mum and dad were the major influences in his life especially when he was very little.

Strong has also done some art works for his church and cartoons for his aunt’s business. Previously, he had marketed his works at the school events such as the Fun Day.

The family’s plan for him is to be the best that he can be according to God’s Divine program for his life. They believe that his gift should be used to boost his education and exposure in life.

Strong’s talent had begun to flourish at Caleb British International School, Lekki, Lagos. The school avails platform to excel and his art teachers have given his artistic talent a premium attention. At CBIS, every child is seen as buddle of talent and as such given a platform to shine like a star in the sky. This is credence to the CBIS’s numerous past global achievements and recognitions. Very soon, Strong’s artistic achievements will be gracing the CBIS Hall of Fame.