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On Obasanjo’s description of current administration as a failure

It is interesting hearing former President Olusegun Obasanjo leveling accusations against the current government. Obasanjo is known for berating every government since the time of Shagari. One has to be wary of his suggestions. He imposed Yar’Adua on us, only to dump him when he was ill. He packaged Goodluck Jonathan and rejected him later. The same thing is happening to Buhari . I believe we have to question Obasanjo’s sense of judgment.
Demola Adefajo, Social Commentator


He is very correct. This government is the worst in the history of Nigeria.
The level of ineffectiveness in this administration is beyond imagination. It is now clear that this administration has nothing to show despite its promises.
Bayo Adetu, Activist

Although I’m not a fan of Obasanjo, I will have to agree with him in this regard. This government is a monumental failure, especially security.
I agree that three years is not enough to correct the rot in the system. It ‘is also not enough to put the much needed infrastructure in place. But it is surely more than enough to stop incessant killings and alleviate the sufferings of the citizens. ,Rotimi Adebayo, Journalist

The truth is bitter but we need to say it irrespective of who is involved. Obasanjo has said the truth which many are afraid to say. Even the ordinary man knows that what Obasanjo said is the truth.
If the government is sincere, it should focus on the areas Obasanjo is accusing it of neglecting. The government should not fight him for saying the truth.
Mr. Edward Orovwuje, Cleric.

Obasanjo has spoken the minds of many Nigerians. The masses are suffering and President Buhari should do something about it. There is hunger in the land and it is not something that should be politicised. Everyone is a victim.

Dimeji Usman, Photographer

I quite agree with Obasanjo on this, though he was part of the problems we are facing.
This administration is the worst in the history of Nigeria. We need fresh people, who will lead us with fresh ideas.

Ijaduola Olawale, Animal Scientist


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