April 24, 2018

Ewepudike, is qualified to represent his people – Obigwe

Ewepudike, is qualified to represent his people – Obigwe

Dr Okwudili Ezenwankwo, Ewepudike Nanka

By Nwafor Sunday

The National Coordinator APGA Media Warriors Forum, Evang Chinedu Obigwe has on Tuesday dismissed the statement allegedly made by a social media critic, Eneh Victor Chigozie against Dr Okwudili Ezenwankwo, aka Ewepudike Nanka, saying that Ewepudike is qualified to represent his people, Orumba North and South in the green chamber.

Dr Okwudili Ezenwankwo, Ewepudike Nanka

Recall that Eneh Victor had allegedly demanded for Ewepudike’s educational qualifications and had equally reeled out what he called APGA’s first eleven in relative reference to his choice candidates, omitting Ewepudike’s name.

In view of the above therefore, Obigwe in a statement to newsmen on Tuesday chided Victor and asked when Victor had suddenly turned to Independent National Electoral Commission, INEC that is saddled with the responsibility of screening and scrutinizing Political aspirants.

Parts of his statement read thus:

“I picked offence when Eneh Victor Chigozie said that Ewepudike is not among our 1st eleven. That word alone portrayed him as a member of APGA whereas he is not.  He is an APC member. At this juncture, I will respond to  his attack on Ewepudike and I will start by saying that according to Nigeria Constitution the minimum qualification for political office seekers is O’Level.

“ I will also State without mincing words that Ewepudike is eminently qualified according to our Constitution to represent the good people of Orumba north and South Federal constituency at the green chamber.

“It is also a known fact in the public domain that it’s difficult to run the affairs of traders as their President. But Chief Okwudili Ezenwankwo has distinguished himself in this regard.

“He started as Anambra State Chairman of all the traders and his marvelous performance made the whole Southeast traders to appoint him the President of all the traders in Southeast. His immense quality was discovered by Nigeria traders and they also adopted him as the National President of all the traders in our Country.

“These achievements are worthy of commendation. The general notion of the general public that traders are illiterates cannot be applied to Ewepudike. He has the required qualifications to represent the people of his Federal constituency. Eneh Victor Chigozie and his cohorts  should stop running faster than their  shadow because Ewepudike will definitely pick his INEC form to contest the election and after filling the form, he will attach his qualifications to it for INEC perusal.

“ As INEC practice demands they will also publish the particulars of all the Candidates contesting the election. If Ewepudike lacks the required qualifications to represent the good people of Orumba north and South Federal constituency, INEC will disqualify him.

“ So with my above submission, Eneh Victor Chigozie as a staunch member of Association of Past Criminals Party (APC)is running a smear campaign against APGA heavyweight because in his foolish imagination and that of his sponsors that is the only way they can make APGA loose electoral value in Anambra State.

“As far as am concerned, they are in for a shocker because APGA performance in the forthcoming February 2019 general election will proof to Nigerians that the Party APGA has come to stay in Igbo land    and Nigeria at large. Ewepudike has done a lot for traders that are his immediate constituency and for the good people of Orumba.

“The adage of a prophet not having honour in his home town cannot be applied to Ewepudike.  The people of his Nanka community are the promoters of his aspiration. They are doing this because of his immense contributions for the betterment of his community.

“ As a political leader in Orumba, Ewepudike also contributed to the growth of APGA hence the reason why all the major APGA stalwarts in Orumba are in support of his aspiration. Eneh Victor Chigozie is an enemy of APGA and the political blow they sustained in the last November 18th governorship election is making him and his blackmail cohorts to go haywire against APGA bigwigs ahead of the February 2019 general election.

“But one thing that is certain is that APGA will achieve the same electoral feat in Anambra State, imo State and Abia State in the forthcoming February 2019 general election.

“Igbo are now wiser and they will not compromise their collective decision to pitch tent with APGA as the only Party in Nigeria that will emancipate them from the shackles of political marginalization.  The truth remains that APGA bu nke anyi”, he finally said.