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Developing skill in animal farming reduces unemployment

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By Moses Nosike

In Nigeria of today where there are little or no jobs for numerous job seekers especially the youths who graduate from our tertiary institutions every year. While government also makes efforts to reduce unemployment rate to guarantee security of lives and property, Nigerians are advised to take initiative into self-employment – animal farming for food security and by extension reduce the ravaging poverty in the land.

Interest in agriculture will help Nigerian youths secure self-employment while many are waiting for white-collar jobs.

An animal farming consultant and Managing Director, Jovana Farms, Prince Arinze Onnebuna said that a credible alternative is to start your own animal farming business and be your own boss. “Developing skills on animal farming is profitable especially on grasscutter farming among others. Grasscutter rearing can make you to be gainfully employed.

We specialize in breeding, training, setting-up grasscutter farms and sales. Grasscutter farming is a great money-spinning business that can provide job opportunities for the young and old; the educated or uneducated members of the society. If you want to be your own boss and you are ready to work hard to get rich, try grasscutter farming”.

According to him, “the business does not require millions of naira to execute. You can start with just one family of grasscutters normally called a colony which is sold for N60, 000 to N65, 000. A colony comprises  one male and four females. They are reared in cages which can be constructed at a cost of N10, 000 by any roadside carpentre. Therefore, with N75,000, you are already in good business. It is advisable to buy them when they are four months old, which is the breeding stock stage.

Grasscutter is odourless unlike fowls, rabbits, pig etc. You do not require an expanse of space to start. The cage can be placed anywhere in the compound, even in the kitchen. In terms of feeding, it is not like fish farming, pig farming or poultry farming, but grasscutters feed on grass.

In terms of yield, one female grasscutter can give birth to as many as six to ten babies at ago. I have even witnessed 10 at once in my farm. So, instead of remaining unemployed, undergraduates can take a soft loan from a bank, friends or family members and in a few months pay back the loan and still remain in business.

For instance, if you start now, in about four months, they will start having babies because they mature for mating at eight months.

And if you do not have enough space for expansion, you can sell the babies to new farmers; at the end of the day the four females give you seven babies each twice a year, you have 56 more grasscutters. Invariably, you only have to be patient for about eight months, and if they carry their babies for about five months, you can start cross-breeding them for stronger breeds and in eight months, you start making profit.

Grasscutter meat is also high in demand. It readily comes to mind when people think of ‘bush meat’. Though for now, the price maybe on the high side, the nutritional value is enormous. It is white meat and has low cholesterols and doctors highly recommend it for health conscious people.

The major challenge in grasscutter rearing is the technicalities involved. This is why we organise seminars and workshops everywhere in the country. We recommend that people come for proper training before going into the business. This is necessary because I have witnessed instances where people started without proper training, only to shut down when faced with minor technical challenges, but with proper training these challenges can be avoided.

Some ventured into it as a hobby. With some training and adequate guidance, it can turn money spinner. Today, people do not need to look far for quality grasscutter breeders. Choose also the nearest seminar venue from the advert box in this page or our website.

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