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April 29, 2018

BBNaija finale: Night of fun, drama and nauseating uncertainties

BBNaija finale: Night of fun, drama and nauseating uncertainties

The last five standing

By Ayo Onikoyi

It was 14 degrees celsius in Sandton City, Johannesburg, South Africa on that unforgettable night the BBNaija finale held. It was a night no one really wanted to spend  out, but the allure of the finale was one too much not to succumb.

The last five standing

It was simply the subject of discussion among most residents of Sandton City, especially the girls, who were ready to trade anything to see the show. When one of such girls, on hearing Potpourri was in town to cover the event, she offered to spend two nights free of charge with Yours Truly. And when the offer was turned down, the disappointment on her face was as evident as a boil on the forehead.

Regardless of the cold, the crowd was massive. It was a mix of South Africans, Nigerians and other Africans. Each of the five finalists, namely; Miracle, Cee C, Tobi, Alex and Nina had their supporters carrying placards and rooting raucously for them. The excitement was feisty that the guards had trouble keeping them in check.

It was indeed a cold night but the sparks from the crowd engulfed the venue in a way that no one would have needed warmth of any sort.

How Davido almost spoiled the show

Of course, the only people the highly-charged crowd wanted to see were the finalists. Their chants and cheers were too loud about that but when the lights beamed on OBO crooner, Davido, time seemed to stop for a while because everyone had expected him to be the last act, as the biggest act of the night.

With their silence came eruption of screams and shouts, and Davido captivated them for a long spell with his ‘Fia’ number. At a point, it was the crowd singing and the singer singing along. It was so enchanting, thrilling and entertaining that the crowd forgot all about the chants for their favourite housemates with Omo Baba Olowo pulling the strings and dazzling them with his knockabout style. He almost spoiled the show!

The countdown of drama

The show host, Ebuka, had a hell of a job to do. When the countdown began, he definitely had his job cut out for him as the crowd wouldn’t allow him a free ride.  As he lifted up the piece of paper to announce the first evictee amongst the five finalists, the chant of Alex! Alex!! Alex!! rent the air. But alas, it was Nina that got the gong. Not showing any sign of disappointment, she raced to the stage to the cheers of her supporters.

For the next evictee, the crowd’s expectation was split as some were chanting ‘Alex’ and others ‘Cee C’ but it was Alex that stepped forward.

It was obvious the crowd was getting restive as they had expected Cee C to have gone ahead of Alex. And when Tobi was announced, they became menacing. At the very back, some sections of the crowd were actually threatening to raise dusts if Cee C became the winner. Team Miracle were clearly in the majority and they didn’t look like a lot that would take to much reasoning.

So, when Cee C and Miracle became the last two contestants standing, the atmosphere became super charged with emotions. In fact Cee C crowd had to calm down for fear of assault.

It was a big relief when Miracle was eventually announced as the winner.

Dangerous moment : Ebuka wife mistaken for Cee C’s sister

Tempestuous character of the housemate Cee C didn’t endear her to many watchers of the reality TV show and this became so evident at the finale. At a point, when it seemed she could spin a big surprise, the crowd was suspicious of a foul play. It didn’t help matters when they spotted someone in the crowd that looked like her sitting in the VIP section.

“See where they asked her to sit. Something fishy is going on here”, one man in the audience observed with aggressive mien.

Alas, as it would turn out, the beautiful lady was Ebuka’s wife.

I never saw myself at the finals – Cee C


First runner-up of the just concluded Big Brother Naija 2018 tagged ‘Double Wahala’ wasn’t liked by many and was the most criticised person in the house. She was so vociferous she had trouble with virtually everyone in the house, including Ebuka, the moderator, Big Brother himself, and Payporte, the sponsor of the show. Even after several nominations for eviction the lawyer made it back and ended up the biggest threat to the winner. Cee C never took prisoners in the house; how come she made it that far?

When Potpourri met her at the OR Tambo International Airport, Johannesburg, small chat ensued and it showed the wannabe Nollywood actress had no clue what took her that far.

“I never saw myself at the finals, that’s the truth . So making it this far means a lot to me . And I’m grateful for everything. I’m yet to find out, that’s why I’m going to Nigeria to find out from them what I did that made them keep me that far in the house,” she said.

I feel like a millionaire but I don’t know what to do now – Miracle


Winner of the BBNaija 2018, Miracle Ikechukwu is certainly smiling to the bank with more than N45 million grinning at him in the coffer. Next day after the Finale the handsome wannabe pilot told Potpourri at the  OR Tambo International Airport, Johannesburg, what his feelings are:

“I feel like a millionaire, but more like a fly boy because that’s just who I am. I really appreciate you all because it’s your votes that got me the price, and made me who I am. Thank you all and I cant wait to see you all,” he said.

Talking about what might have gotten him the votes to win the show, he said his looks has nothing to do with it. “It’s not about the looks, all the guys in the house are good looking. And fine boy is not by look. I think it’s God’s grace through the viewers that helped me. Right now, I feel it’s time for me to relax and think and not rush into things. So when I think, I will now know what decisions to take,” he said.

Concerning the money and how he hopes to spend it or share with his fellow housemates, he said, “I have no idea, I don’t even know what’s happening right now. I’ve been in the house for almost three months and I just got out. So I need to get back to reality, know what’s happening before I make decisions.