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Frustration of the power of darkness

By Pastor Okokon Ating

There are many missing opportunities in many families who do not see beforehand the tricks of the devil in their marriag-es. Not until now that God has brought gospel to ma-ny nations, many families who were earlier caught up quickly, have now become progressive. Marriage is not successful until it pro-duces the prominent gene-rations who succeed the founders of the family.

Therefore, the achieve-ment of each marriage is based on what it is able to raise in her lineage to the glory of God. The veil which covers many couples’ eyes in the form of setbacks can be prayed off, worked out and be rearranged.

The challenges discussed can be overcome if the couple identifies them early. if they do not identify them and fight them early, they will remain thorns in their flesh. Therefore, let every couple look ahead to protect their marriages from imminent challenges and dangers which can retard the progress of the next generations of the family.

The two wives or more syndrome/men-tality of some marria-ges

Despite the fact that the Bible teaches us about “one man one wife”, yet in the time past we have found many people who by their culture and custom, events and greed, etc, married more than one wives. Some ignorantly married as many wives as possible because of pride. Some see it as a means of acquiring many women and children for farming. Some did it to showcase their wealth. Some did in order to defend themselv-es from communal crisis. That is, to raise able peo-ple or children who could fight wars for their parents.

There was no foresight for them to have known that there could be an in-jurious minded child who would want to dominate the family at all cost and by all means. To such chi-ld, evil remains his target, to make sure that by kill-ing or subjection, the family remains under him while he rules over them. If Sat-an was able to enter into Cain to kill his young-er brother, how much more the children from differ-ent mothers who struggle to take possess-ion of their father’s pro-perties?

Many married people of this nature do not see it as a challenge or problem in life until when it begins to emanate, then they will lament and regret their decision. Some with ill-mind have killed them-selves. Their mothers who join some demonic grou-ps to make sure other children are killed so that theirs will survive to inherit their father’s pro-perties had tales of woe to tell.

Look at the case of King David’s children in II Samuel 13:14-15. King David’s house became scattered and there was a survival of the fittest mentality among his child-ren. Read also the story of Abimelech and what he did to his father’s children as recorded in Judges 9:1-57. In David’s case, moth-ers were fighting for their children to take over the throne of the father. E.g. Solomon’s mother, Beth-sheba (I Kings 1:5-31) Marrying more than one wives has a lot of implications which if not checked can ruin and make such a family very unfortunate in life. In such a family, Satan is happy to introduce problems, disaster, jealousy, envy, hatred and killing among the members of the family. I have seen a man in my village that was known by the number of wives and children he possessed.

But today, that family is no more. The memory of that family is forgotten. Why do I see this fact as a bad omen against couples today? We live by experience and examples. When the problems of the family become unbearable, there is danger being programmed ahead.

Permit me to say that if Satan wants to destroy and finish the progress of a family, he may walk through people and motivate them unto marrying as many wives as possible. I see it as a challenge which must be curbed from escalating.

If it was easy for Satan to penetrate into the family of Adam and Eve by using Cain to kill Abel, why would it not be easy for the same Satan to mastermind fracas and destruction in the family of the person who marries more than one wives? This is a challenge that must be fought out by all cost among couples.

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