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That cool breeze from fan may cause stiff neck

In our last edition, we established that using fan in the home has benefits. It spread the air to help the room stay cool and it is also ensures even circulation of air around the room to ensure perfect ventilation.

Of course, the proper ventilation the fan provides makes you sleep soundly like a baby. Despite the benefits of the fan, however, it may also come with some adverse effects that ordinarily you may never think of.

Information available to Homemakers say many people who wake up with stiff neck might be due to leaving the fan running all through the night as they sleep. This is because the cool breeze that the fan produces can cause the muscles to tense up as it blows on your skin. Most people will prefer to direct the breeze to their body so that it can keep them cool faster.   This is not a good idea since it can cause the muscles around the neck to tense up or even cause cramps. The continued muscle tightening is what causes you to wake up with a sore or stiff neck in the mornings.

If you are one of the many asthmatic individuals or are prone to getting allergies, it is advised that you desist from sleeping with a fan on as it can make the symptoms worse. And this is more so, if you do not clean your fan regularly.

If you cannot live without a ceiling fan, proper cleaning must be done to help prevent dust mite allergy symptoms. It is recommended that you use a damp cloth to trap the dust while cleaning it. The system of using broom, napkin or duster may spread dust on your bed or living room which is more dangerous to health.

So how do you clean your fan?

If it is a standing or table fan, take it outside to an open space before you clean. Also cover your nose and mouth to avoid contact with the dust.

If it is a ceiling fan, it is advised to use old pillow case. Stand up on a secure foot couch and slip an old cushion case around one of the fan blades at a time. Be careful not to hit off any dust throughout this step.

With the pillowcase casing the length of the fan blade, slide the pillow case off of the knife-edge. Make sure sufficient pressure is applied to the top and end of the blade so that the pillowcase takes the dust with it.

Repeat steps with the remaining fan blades but be very careful not to fall.

To clean your pillow cover, go outside and turn it inside out. Give it a decent shake and run it from side to side thoroughly and wash if you like. Keep it throughout your cleaning procedures until next time.

This pillow cover trick is an outstanding way to dust your fan blades deprived of transferring dust all over your bed and floor.

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