November 13, 2017

Nigeria must engage young brains to think differently, create wealth — Scientist

Dr Sven-Thore Holm, a Swedish scientist, has said that the on-going science park project at University of Nigeria, Nsukka (UNN) will enable young Nigerians to think creatively and differently to create jobs.

Holm, currently consulting for UNN on the project, made the statement in Abuja on Monday on NAN’s Forum.

According to him, the park will make use of young Nigerian brains to think in terms of entrepreneurship to develop the future economy of the country.

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“We will try to engage and encourage people for more deeper knowledge about entrepreneurship about creating their own future ,their own companies instead of going to the public sector to earn their own money and run their own companies which is great.

“In America, 90% of companies sturdy in United States is sturdy by the people who were not born there. They come from China, Korea, Africa, everywhere with different background.

“From East to West, North to South, there are people with different Background create a nature of live and you have a fortune.
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He said the science park project would involve a triple helix; the academia, the business community and the government.

He said the university had already established an incubator where ideas were translated to products.

Holm said Nigeria should encourage creative thinking among young people from the primary school level, adding that Sweden had already done so.

He described the traditional primary school as old fashioned as it taught people the art of reading and writing.

“You have to use brains of young people to think differently because you are destroyed by using the traditional educational system.

“`Probably we meet somebody from the education ministry somewhere and just to use the young ones, say 10 years old ,to think differently.

“There is a kind of revolution going here but is peaceful and democratic and it will really make a change of the economy, the mentality and the future of the country. ‘’