October 18, 2017

Gaining positive emotions




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“When Jesus noticed him lying there (helpless) knowing that he had already been a long time in that condition, He said to him, Do you want to become well?(Are you ready in earnest about getting well)

JESUS (John 5:6).

To get rid of negative emotions and transition to developing and integrating positive emotions into your life, self sabotage must be defeated. Self sabotage is actions rooted in self-defeating ideas and beliefs. This implies that toxic emotions are rooted in toxic beliefs and toxic thoughts that damages the personality and produces failure in destiny. Your emotions are the offspring of the way you think and belief. However, you must be ready to let go of ideas; beliefs and thought pattern that are negative and destructive that produces negative or toxic emotions.

Focus on ideas and beliefs that produce positive emotions. When your mind is immersed in truth, positive emotions will dominate your life. When your mind is saturated with error negative emotions will deteriorate your life. In the presence of truth, positivity reigns. In the absence of truth, negativity enslaves. The Word of God (Bible) is truth. To begin with get immersed in the teachings of Jesus and you will experience radical transformation in your life as you will be empowered to overcome negative emotions and manifest positive emotions.


Why do kings who held the scepter of authority and power come crumbling down in shame and dishonor? Why do the wealthy who built empires walk the streets as peasants? Why do married couples who walk down the aisle confessing their love for each other eventually get divorced? Why do people who had unique talents and attained the hall of fame end up with a marred reputation and a life full of crisis? Why do people who had the potential of living a long life suddenly are cut off in the midst of their years?

Why do vibrant healthy individuals suddenly get caught up with dilapidating disease? Why are our prisons filled with convicts who had the potential of becoming great in the world? The questions could be endless. The guaranteed answer is: lack of self-mastery.

Self mastery or self control is the ability to take possession over the territory of the mind. It is the ability to deliberately choose the thoughts that dominate your mind and keep out those thoughts that you don’t want to gain entrance into your mind. It is the ability to master or subdue negative emotions while controlling and directing the positive emotions. Emotions are mental states transmitted through feelings. Self mastery is the balance between reasoning and emotions filtered through moral conscience. Self-mastery is the foremost and highest victory one can ever achieve; whosoever conquers self has nothing else to conquer.

If you can control your thoughts you can control your world. If you can master yourself you can master life in all its facets. Most people fail in life because they allow their thoughts, words and deeds to run wild, they permit their minds to absorb the falsehood and negativity released by other minds.

An individual with self mastery controls his or her appetites; food, drink and sex and also spending habits. Self mastery does not accommodate hatred, envy, jealousy, fear, revenge, selfishness, greed and pride. Self mastery is not servile; it is not emotional and mentally dependent on others. A person with self mastery does not engage in gossip or idle chatter. Self mastery readily forgives and does not strike back in kind.

Until you gain control over yourself, you will lose control over your life. When emotions become your boss, you will act first and think afterwards (if at all), which leads to crisis in life. However, when you function with self mastery you think first and act afterwards which produces great outcome in destiny. Therefore, self mastery is deliberately choosing positive and constructive thoughts that harmonize with your dreams and aspirations and make it your dominating pattern of thinking while rejecting all other contrary or negative suggestions.

Self mastery empowers you to gain control over the emotions; maximizing positive emotions and mastering negative emotions. However, if you want to possess self mastery you must have an intense desire for it; the greater the depth of your desire the greater the level of self mastery you will attain.