September 15, 2017

I love to write on facts, don’t involve in rumor stories – Ogujiuba

Veteran showbiz journalist, Azuka Ogujiuba who conducted the viral interview with Tiwa Savage on her marital crisis with her husband, Tee Billz, on Friday, cited her thirst for writing factual stories as one of her many success tips in journalism, stressing that she never liked to get involved in ‘Rumor stories’.

In the statement she shared at the inaugural webinar of themed “Digital Media Gurus Speak: How to monetise online media opportunities online which held on Friday (today),” Ogujiuba who is the publisher, Media Room Hub,  said: “l wish my interview with Tiwa Savage was published on my website Media Room Hub and not Pulse TV, but again, my online platform was not existing then”.

Ogujiuba also recounted the risk she took in her quest to get one of the biggest scoops in the Nigerian entertainment industry, her Tiwa Savage interview that made headlines all over the nation.

According to her, “It was an experience that saw me taking one of the major risks of my life as a journalist because I was driving from the mainland to the island by 2am to do the interview with Tiwa, knowing how unsafe our country can be, anything could have happened.”

The revered publisher noted that her late dad didn’t want her to be a journalist, despite her love for the career.

“I have always been a woman who is genuinely in love with her job despite the fact that my late dad didn’t want me to be a journalist. I have always loved writing and being the first to write a story especially If l have my facts right, so I never get involved in ‘Rumor stories’ . I  look for the people involved and interview them.”

“I don’t enjoy hurting people and from my training as a journalist from the Mass Communication Department, University of Lagos, one of my main courses taught by Dr. Ogunade  ‘The Ethics of Journalism’ stuck with me on this career journey,” she revealed during #TNGhangout

On the gains of being a journalist, the veteran showbiz journalist said the contacts built in the corporate world gave her an edge in running her business.

Hear her: “I built a lot of contacts in the corporate world which is now an advantage for my business .Well, the gains have been awesome but l didn’t do this because of the gains, because l love my job.

If the gains come fine, and if they don’t come,  I will still be okay. The media is a jungle of fun. I love and enjoy every bit of my journey in the media jungle. I love the word ‘Media’ and that’s why l attached it to the name of my website. We are barely six months old, but we are plodding the media road gradually”.