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North Korea nuclear capability: threat to international peace – Don

A university don, Dr Olawale Lawal, on Friday said that North Korea’s nuclear weapons capability and its plans to test long-range missiles “is a threat to international peace.’’

Lawal, an international relations lecturer at the Lagos State University (LASU), said this in an interview with newsmen in Lagos.

The foreign policy expert expressed regret that some world powers that had the capability to curtail North Korea’s excesses had not done so.

“In international relations, there is always alliance system; no state act alone without the backing of a world power.

“North Korea’s recalcitrance to develop nuclear weapons and test long range missiles could easily be checked by China and Russia, both of which wield considerable influence within the Korean Peninsula.

“Refusal of China and Russia to check North Korea creates impression that they have given tacit support to that country’s nuclear adventure,” he said.

Lawal said that the neighbouring South Korea risked being consumed in the North Korea’s quest for dominance in the region.

According to him, South Korea is most at the risk of North Korea belligerent disposition.

“South Korea is no match to North Korea in terms of military capability but America will always rise up to the defence and protection of South Korea when the chips are down.

“This could degenerate to a global conflict,” he said.

He added that America would have “a conventional cover if it decides to wage war against North Korea’’.

“The USA has conventional cover if it decides to wage war against North Korea because North Korea’s flouting of the Non-Arms Proliferation Treaty (NPT) is a direct misdemeanour.

“The United Nations has rightly warned North Korea to stop further test of missiles, and that could be a direct influence of America’s disposition.

“The North Korean leader, Kim Jong-un, has also threatened to hit a direct location in America, and America’s President, Donald Trump, warned that USA would reply with fire and fury.

“Now, if these words are marched with action, the international system could be bedevilled with conflict,” he said.

He accused North Korea of promoting avoidable conflicts in the international system and advised the international community to intervene before the escalation of the crisis.

According to him, North Korea is directly responsible for heating up the international system.

“China and Russia should take the lead in nipping the North Korean threat to global peace in the bud,” he said.



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