July 22, 2017

God can change for your sake

God can change for your sake

•Pastor Daramola

By Pastor Oloruntimilehin Joshua Daramola (BOSORO)

Brethren, male and female are born and they remain male and female. Adam and Eve were created by God and were male and female. They angered God and since then, they did not change; hence human beings have not changed. What was commanded for human being not to eat, drink, do and where not to go are what we are doing. Who is the honest person?

When you call a person a liar, are you not telling lies? Who is the person that has changed from his or her sins? It is only God that changes. God does whatever He likes because He is an unquestionable God.

•Pastor Daramola

Some people always say God does not do evil. Truly He does not do evil but owns good and evil because the Bible says in Isaiah 45:7: “I form the light and create darkness, I bring prosperity and  disaster, I, the Lord, do all these things.”

Also, God said in Exodus 4:11: “…who gave man his mouth? Who makes him deaf or mute? Who gives him sight or makes him blind? Is not I the Lord?”

Furthermore He said whatever He straightens, nobody can bend it and whatever He bends nobody can straighten it. Therefore, as for the lunatic and poor persons, God is aware of their problems. He said his hands are not too heavy to save you.

The establishment of darkness and light by God and dwelling in them confirms the supreme power of God. Imagine Job, Satan did have power over him. He was to afflicted by Satan but the latter had no power to kill him.

God’s protection was on Job and his family because he was blameless, upright, feared God and shunned anything evil (Job 1:1-3). God wanted to tempt Job, not Satan and subsequently told Satan how Job had been upright and good. Then Satan replied that Job’s goodness was due to God’s protection over him.

Satan sought permission to strike him whether he would not curse God to His face (Job 1:6-11). It means that God deliberately removed His protection over the person suffering or sick. Also if you are upright before God, He would protect you and your possession.

Satan was invariably telling God that He did not allow him to touch Job. Therefore, anybody with God’s protection, Satan cannot touch the person. So it is God that changes, man does not change. I pray that God will protect us in the name of Jesus.

God wanted to change from His position and allow Satan to touch and strike Job but did not give him his soul. Consequently, Satan inflicted suffering and pains on Job and his family. In fact, Satan started with the livestock and later the children because Satan knew they had sinned to God through their misconduct (Job 1:18-19); the sin of Job’s children became the accusation against Job.

So a person must sin before he or she would fall. If the father or mother sins, the child or children might suffer the sins they did not commit. Imagine God had not changed from Job whom He was initially proud of and showered encomium on him. God could not fight on behalf of Job at that moment.

Everyday God changes and He is changing the world. If people could change from their sinful ways then their ways could be changed too. But people do not change from their sinful ways, we always maintain status quo. We are drinking and eating in sin. Despite the teachings, sermons of prophets or anointed men of God to people to change from their evil ways, they refuse to heed the word of God.

I can recall some years that I warned that people should not fight especially members of my ministry. A woman disobeyed the warning and was hit on the head with a club and died immediately.

In fact the Bible has spelt out the consequences of obedience and disobedience in Deuteronomy 23:1-68.

Ensure you maintain a godly position and do not think God is not seeing you. How do I know God sees us? I hear voices from afar that would tell me to do this or that or tell the person sitting before me to do something.

If God want to give vision, I would be seeing it like am watch-ing a TV programme. God sees us inasmuch as His prophet sees you because the Bible  says in Amos 3:7: “Surely the Sovereign Lord does nothing without  revealing His plan to His servant, the pro-phet.” Let’s desist from believing and saying God does not change.

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