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‘There is no cure for HIV’, but there is for epilepsy

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The Federal Capital Territory (FCT) Agency for the Control of HIV/AIDS (FACA) on Thursday cautioned people living with HIV and AIDS not to stop taking their Anti-Retroviral (ARV) drugs for alternative cure.

The Project Manager of the agency, Dr Uche Okoro, in Abuja was reacting to the speculation that some people living with HIV and AIDS are now abandoning their ARV drugs for some acclaimed cure of the disease.

Okoro warned that cure for HIV and AIDS had not been found therefore no one living with the disease in the territory or any part of the country should abandon their ARV drugs.


“As far as HIV is concerned in Nigeria, it remains a chronic ailment that the cure is yet to be found.

“Those living with the disease must take their drugs for life and that is why adherence to counseling was introduced to educate the HIV patients on the need to take the ARV drugs as long as they live.

“Those claiming to have found the cure all over the world have not justified or convinced scientists beyond reasonable doubt on their claim to cure HIV/AIDs.

“If you have a new medication for any ailment, your claim must follow a laid down procedure because medicine is a science therefore any vaccine or medication must go through certain trials,” he said.

The project manager said that most of the patients who were taking ARV were doing well and those who had stopped using  their drugs usually came back in worse situation.

Okoro said that such people who stopped taking their drugs and were on first line drugs would be forced to be taking second line drugs which were more expensive and scarce.
He said that no reason whatsoever should make anybody living with HIV and AIDS to stop the treatment for any acclaimed cure.

According to him, scientists in the world are coming up with vaccines to prevent transmission of HIV and AIDS.

There is cure for Epilepsy:

A little girl from Tuscon, Arizona in U.S. who suffered from a rare condition causing such debilitating and dangerous seizures that she was put into a coma, has been cured by cannabis.

Annalise Lujan, 12, was taking part in a gymnastics class when she began vomiting and lost all feeling in her legs.

She suffered a severe seizure and was rushed to hospital where paramedics put her in a medically induced coma to stop any further damage being caused to her brain.

The youngster was flown to a specialist unit at Phoenix Children’s Hospital where she was diagnosed with febrile infection-related epilepsy syndrome (FIRES), an incredibly rare condition affecting just one in a million children.

Her mother, Maryann Estrada-Lujan, told KVOA : “One day, she was just a healthy young lady, going to school, participating in her community and her gymnastics, and the next day – fighting for her life.

Cannabis helped Annalise Lujan regain her life

“She was put on a ventilator, and put into a medical coma, and, we haven’t talked to her since.

“We had no idea that our whole world would be 180-degrees turned around in such devastation, such heartache, such confusion.”

The condition was causing Annalise to suffer constant seizures which can prove to be fatal, but normal epilepsy medication was ineffective against FIRES.

Doctors were not able to bring her out of her induced coma until they found a method of controlling the seizures.

Her mother began researching alternative remedies and discovered a cannabis -derived drug, Cannabidiol, which had been successful in previous epilepsy cases.

She lobbied for the drug, which has low levels of THC which is the active ingredient making people ‘high’, to be given to her daughter.

Doctors had to rush through its approval with the FDA and DEA as the drug was not yet approved.

After just three treatments the schoolgirl was able to be brought out of her coma, and no longer suffers from the crippling seizures.

Her mother said: “She opened her eyes, and she was scared. She was afraid. She cried. And, I whispered to her that she was very strong, she’s beautiful, and she’s strong, and she needed to keep breathing, and she did.”

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