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One-Night-Stands Are Just What They Are!

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Excitedly, Babs dressed for the all-night party that promised a lot of wicked pleasure. A friend, one of these top government officials addicted to always having a good time, was in Lagos and was having a party for the “boys’. The last time he attended one of his parties, he had such a good time that he begged to be invited again.

This next one was going to be a very private do and guests were to wear casual clothes. Babs’ wife was away on holidays with the kids. This party couldn’t have been better timed! He had no problem deciding on what to wear. He would be damned if he was going to look like a fish out of water like he did the last time.

After the last party, he’d treated himself to a roguishly casual gear the last time he travelled abroad. The gear was a bit young, but that was the idea – to let it all hang out!

“I got to the party expecting to have a good time – and I did,” Babs told me. “The girls contracted for the party were very young, very pretty and very daring in the clothes they wore. They were all over the place and most of them from the so-called institutions of higher learning. I felt like a kid let loose in the proverbial candy shop! I took my time on who to latch on to and eventually decided on this very pretty but reserved girl. She was quite intelligent too and as all sorts of booze flowed, I could hear my own happy voice and the girl’s excited giggle. Around us, there were screams of laughter as glass after glass of wine and champagne were emptied. The more this girl drank, the more ‘legless’ she became! Hours later, I left the party and took the

girl home with me. She came willingly. The steward opened the door with a disappointing look on his face. Lately, my wife seemed to be aware of most of my escapades. The culprit was either the driver or the steward or both. I’d threatened them with hell-fire with no results. Apparently, madam’s financial reward and the job security she promised must be greater than my threats.

“The little-live-wire I brought home seemed to be game for anything. We made love and in almost all the space in the room and in every position – even using the basin in the toilet. It was fantastic and there was no emotional involvement. I couldn’t remember the last time I’d felt so energetic and full of lusty desire. At almost 50, one has to be careful exhibiting one’s prowess, but she was like an aphrodisiac. I

asked the driver to take her back to campus the next day after stuffing her bag with so much cash. I was too tired to see her off and the look the driver gave her could kill if she took any notice of him. I gave him a threatening look and he behaved.

“I was really pleased with the experience I just had. For days, I was on cloud nine. Life couldn’t be more fulfilling, imagine me who’d resigned myself to being a one-round man going full steam all night long! Who says I couldn’t have this type of pick-me-up all the time? I definitely must see her again, I resolved. Especially since she showed so much enthusiasm I took my time of course.

As I’ve discovered, a girl is more flattered if I call when she least expected it. My tactics are to leave the impression that she has seen the last of me, especially when the first meeting had gone so

well. A week after the party, I wore another of my recently acquired casual clothes, jumped into the car and headed for her campus. It took a while for her to be located and when she eventually saw me, there was no look of happy recognition on her face. In fact, she looked slightly irritated and there was this distant look on her face. ‘You’ve forgotten me’, I prompted, a bit put out.  ‘It’s Babs from last week’s party’. ‘I know who you are’, she replied coolly. ‘What are you doing here?’ This wasn’t how the script should read, I thought nervously. “If you weren’t doing anything important, I thought I could take you out,” I said. ‘Well, you thought wrong’, she assured me, a bit of anger

creeping into her voice,  “the party was for everybody present to unwind. I had a good time. You obviously had a good time too. It wasn’t meant to be the beginning of anything. Please don’t come here again’.

My jaw dropped. Before I could gather my wits about me, she’d marched away in fury. My face burnt with embarrassment as a couple of her mates tittered. It was a good thing I didn’t come with the driver. Now that my wife was back, I wouldn’t want him to go squealing to her about the humiliation I just went through. “I drove straight to the flat I shared with a couple of friends on the

mainland. The flat is a sort of guest-house we ‘boys’ use for our escapades. A few of them were around and they nearly split their sides laughing when I told them of my experience. What kind of a fool was I? Did I know that such girls were strictly one-night stands? No matter how lovely and promising a night with such girls might be, I was never to even think of a follow-up if I didn’t want to be the campus love-sick laughing stock! I was also handed a few tips on love-making with party pick ups, including tips about never letting them know where I was to be contacted.”

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