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Who would you rather marry? A gentleman or a cad?

Once in a while, an event occurs that brings a similar one that happened ages ago back sharply into focus. Ini was the first to get married out of the ‘group’.

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You man, enough to stay with a partner who beat breast cancer?

FIVE years ago, I’d called on Florence, a very good friend at her Abuja residence after not seeing her for close to three years. We talked constantly on the phone, of course. But when I had to go to Abuja on business, I thought I would save on hotel accommodation by staying with her. She was all for it too, shrieking with excitement when I asked her on the phone. Looking forward to catching up on the snippets of news we’d exchanged over the past years, I enthusiastically settled into the guest room of her tastefully furnished flat. It was quite late and we turned in early. The next days would be more than enough to catch up on our natter, I thought. I had an early morning appointment and was having a quick shower when there was this urgent knock on the door! “Hurry up in there, would you?” Snapped my friend.

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That Boytoy Is Not As Love-Struck As You Think!

DOESN’T it bother you that most of our young men are turning into shameless gold-diggers?” I was a bit taken aback when Stella asked this question outright when she called at my place. She’s a former boyfriend’s niece and a few of the members of his family that I’m close to. She’s in her late 40s, married with lovely children and a fairly comfortable husband. She heads the public relations department of a parastatal and has money of her own. Once in a while, she’d “throw some work at us at the training centre and I make sure she’s well looked after. So what brought on her question?

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It’s none of his business the number of partners you’ve ‘had’!

A young friend of mine recently met the man of her dreams. In the whirlwind courtship that followed, they quickly got round to the conversational games that lovers play. And so it was that Mr. Right asked Miss Right; “How many men have you slept with? The sensible girl immediately reversed the question, to which ‘he answered ‘13’. She then replied with a circumspect ‘10’.

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The humiliation of being shoved out of the window when ‘Megida’ showed up!

I first met Jimi a few years back when he showed up with Labisi, a good friend, at a party in my house. Thinking he was his son, I promptly showed him where my younger siblings and their friends were. “No-oh,” protested Labisi, ‘he’s with me.” The scrawny gangly thing pushed out his chest and draped his hand possessively around his date.

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The worthlessness of a Nigerian life

PROFESSOR Ango Abdulllahi who says he is a Northern elder today angered students across Nigeria in 1986 after he called in the Police who killed protesting students of Ahmadu Bello University, ABU. After the cold-blooded murder of Farida Mustapha, the then vice-chancellor told the media that “only four” students were killed.

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Want hot sex? Stay clear of men over 60!

VERA always thumbed her nose at women who she said make a fool of themselves by running after toyboys. If she were to have a relationship outside her marriage, it would be with men in the same age bracket as her. So now in her sixties and her husband of over 20 years resting in his grave, she was lucky to have landed a man in her age bracket for a date.

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Can you rape your wife!?

By Candida WHEN did that man you married with such love and hope turn into a monster who couldn’t stick to his vow to ‘protect’ you because he’s now the one actually violating you? You hear about rape cases and how victims are viciously treated without recourse to any form of redress; without giving a
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Who says love can’t find you at 60!

As soon as Timi came through the door of the roaring party, all eyes were on her. Not because of her beauty of course. I’m sure if her mum were alive, she would be the last to call her pretty. But she’s always been very successful in her career and, as soon as the current managing director of the firm she’s worked with for decades retired, she was next in line. A divorced mother of two, she’d paraded a string of men of means since her divorce.

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