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Uncommon Twins Set For Uncommon path

Say, “We don’t want to get stuck like Psquare”

Tasha King, born Okeoghene Taiwo Sarumi and Keizy, also born Elo Kehinde Sarumi are almost the female version of the twin sensation, Psquare but unlike the popular duo, Tasha and Keizy want to chart a different course. For one, they are not a group but individuals that come together as a group when the need arises. Their reason is simple- they don’t want to muddle things up, like Psquare did too many things in the course of their career. Hear them:


Do you belong to a group?

KeizySugarh: We are not a group; we are just two individuals working together.  We  don’t want to come out like the  ‘’Psquare’’  type of thing. We sing different types of music, I rap while she sings. The fact that we are twins, we are coming out together doesn’t mean we are a group

Tasha King: We do songs together and we also do songs separately.

What brought about that type of arrangement?

Tasha King: We don’t want to limit ourselves. We may be working together but we do different types of music. She does complete hip hop rap while I sing and even if I decide to sing I like reggae ,so we, singing together always will be like we are just limiting ourselves. And secondly, we want to do something different. People believe since we are twins we must be together in a group but we think it is not compulsory, we can just produce our works separately. We have a lot of songs we did together and separately. We just don’t want to be limited by each other. I know if we were not twins it wouldn’t have mattered much. This is because people tend to see the Psquare, Ejima Jesus and the rest  twins come out to say they are musicians. If we were just sisters, it won’t have been a big deal.

Are you saying you don’t have a brand that covers the two of you?

Tasha King: We are under the same record label but not as twins but as individuals doing music.

Tasha King and Keizy Sugarh

How long have you been in the music industry? 

Keizy Sugarh : I started first when I completed my secondary education. I started recording songs and going to shows. I started officially in 2013 but before then, I have been a dancer but I realized that dancing isn’t going to bring in enough income. I was even a member of a dance group. Then, there were a lot of dance groups so I decided to package myself and become an artiste. Then, Tasha was only acting but later joined me. So, she is an actress and a musician while I am a dancer and a musician.

Does that imply that Kcee Sugar influenced  you to sing?

Tasha King : Professionally, yes. I have been singing in the choir before I took music as a career. This is because when I hear some people sing out there, I discovered I am better . So, I felt why did I have to only sing to my mirror when I can sing for the whole world to enjoy. She inspired me into singing professionally and that was in the year 2014.

Since you started music, how many singles have you done?

Keizy Sugarh: I have four singles and I featured her in one of the songs.

Tasha King: I have one single and featured in one of her songs.

Where did the singing gene come from?

It came from our mum who is a gospel artist.

What have you done to improve yourself over time?

Tasha King: We have been going for shows, put some songs online and have a video running on the television.

Do you think you have what it takes to make it in this highly competitive music industry?

Tasha King: You know there are some things that just come easily to you.  Things that you can just do even early in the morning when you wake up.  Right from our tender age, singing has been so much fun for us.  We just enjoy ourselves as we sing.   That alone is enough to convince us that we will make it in this industry. It feels like we are being born to go into music.

What’s unique about you?

Tasha King : We have a different style. I am into an urban reggae mixed with RnB. A new school kind of reggae.  With time, people will begin to appreciate the stuff we are made of.

Keizy Sugarh: I am the only female rap artist who is also a professional dancer. I mean while performing, I could just drop the microphone and begin to show some stunts, I mean break dance.

Can you tell us your kind of rap?

Keizy Sugarh: I call it ‘’classic’’ rap. My mother is from Delta and my dad is Yoruba. So I merge both languages with English and Pidgin.

How weird can you go to sell your brand?

Keizy Sugarh: I don’t think it will be fair to say I can do this or that. It could be the way I communicate with the audience, stage performance or my vocal etc. Time will tell.

What is your kind of music?

Tasha King: Urban reggae. It is a fusion of soul reggae.

Do you also sing about war, suffering or freedom as it is peculiar to reggae?

Tasha King: My own type of reggae is new school.  I sing about love.

How come your single is titled “Gbese”?

Tasha King: The song is about love. I wanted to go into debt because of a guy.

What was growing up like?

Tasha King: Well, the fact  that we are not identical made it easy. If she ran into trouble, she had to face it herself. My sister was the stronger one. So, it was cool when someone was there to fight on my behalf. I am the short tempered one while she won’t talk until you really get at her. I am not a professional dancer but I won’t just sing and not dance.

What is it that you can’t stand about each other?

Keizy Sugar: She doesn’t really care about any other’s opinion. She just does the thing that favours her most. If she wants something to be here, she does not care if it is affecting you or not and that is always annoying.

Tasha King:  I can say the same thing about her too. She is sometimes irrational. She always does this silence is the best answer for a fool thing. When we are arguing, instead of talking she just keep quiet and that gets under my skin.

Who gets more attention from the guys among the two of you?

Keizy Sugarh:That is personal. She has her boyfriend and I have mine.  It’s not like I have to monitor her affairs  to know who she is moving with. It’s her life. She lives her life and I live mine but any guy that would date my sister will have to meet with me first.




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