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Developing ideal habits (4)

By Udeme Archibong

When you entertain the thought, you will embrace the behavior or actions that flow from it. Purity is the foundation on which every noble life is built upon. In the purity domain, honour is king. Impurity breeds decay; impurity breeds death. When the imagination is immersed in purity you become like a diamond sparkling and shining in the midst of a grossly dark and perverse world. Purity is a fountain of life wherein truth flows.

The habit of pure thoughts births purity of heart, purity of character, purity of mind and purity of body which is the hallmark of an ideal life that sums up to greatness. The habit of pure thoughts is the foundation stone in which soundness of character is built upon. Purity of thoughts is the master key that opens up life’s greatest blessings; peace of mind; sound health; true happiness; true riches and true greatness.

The opposite of pure thoughts is impure and immoral thoughts. The degeneration of a life begins with the entertainment of impure or immoral thoughts. Dwell upon; focus upon and fill your mind with positive and moral thoughts on a consistent basis until it becomes a habit
“You have not lived today until you have done something for someone who cannot pay you back”

When John D Rockefeller was earning a meager income of $3.75 per week as a clerk, he began saving 20 percent of his pay check. He gave 50 percent of his salary to his church for charity and lived on the remaining 30 percent. In time, he established Standard Oil, the largest oil company in America as at the time, while he continued to exhibit a giving spirit.

Moreover, when the markets inflated the price of oil in order to make an exorbitant profit, Rockefeller would pump increased fuel into the market in order to force the fuel prices to lower once again. At age 50, he became the richest man in the world.

But eventually, and unfortunately he did not continue to heed to the principle that had once put him on top. He stopped giving and when he did so, he fell sick and the hairs on his head began to fall out. Worry, greed, and fear wrecked his health. And soon, the doctors gave him just a few months to live.

However, on his sick bed, he started to change the pattern of his thoughts and began to think of the various ways he could use his money to elevate humanity rather than of how much money he could accumulate for himself. He began signing those checks again in order to help the poor, and miraculously, his health was restored.

He then established the Rockefeller Foundation, which was targeted to fight disease and ignorance all around the world. At age 53, he had been a “walking corpse”; but he lived to age 98. His life story proves that the habit of generosity affects your spiritual, mental, emotional and physical well-being. A giving spirit brought Rockefeller to the top, and this giving spirit also sustained him at the top.

Selfishness is the most dangerous trap that has enslaved the human race.  Selfishness bears many destructive fruits such as greed. The best way to effectively conquer greed is to develop the habit of being generous. The habit of generosity implies living to give and you cannot live to give unless you have made the decision to live to love.

The “me” mentality is the “takers” mentality and it takes away happiness and the joy of living. The “You” mentality is the “givers” mentality and it gives happiness and rich harvest of blessings. When you get all caught up in you, you will get cut off from the joy of living. When you get caught up in others you will catch up with the joy of giving.

The generous habit entails choosing to become a channel of blessing in the lives of people. Selfishness asks; what is in it for me? Generosity asks; what can I do to help you? Selfishness ask; God when will you bless me? Generosity prays; God make me a blessing. When you are pre-occupied with giving good things are attracted into your life. When you are pre-occupied with getting good things repels from your life.

The start-up of the generous habit is to begin giving on-purpose. Give deliberately and keep at it until it becomes a habit. We must plan to lead generous lives every day. In whatever level of life you find yourself there are always ways you can give to others. You can buy somebody a lunch; You can give encouragement to someone;

You can give a listening ear; You can compliment someone; You can make someone feel valuable in your presence, the list are endless. You can be generous with your finances, time, resources, energy, talents and gifts. Our generosity should be towards everyone; both people close to us and even strangers. Generosity should spring out of a pure motive or unconditional love.

When we manifest generosity we should not call attention to ourselves to be noticed by others and we should not “broadcast” our acts of generosity to be praised by people or to win their approval. Generosity should flow out of the desire to put smiles on peoples’ faces; lightening their burdens and also for the elevation of our character.

Whenever we give what we have multiplies; whenever we hoard what we keep diminishes. When you become focused on yourself and your problems you become immersed in negativity and your problems escalates. When you forget yourself long enough to think of ways you can help make a difference in someone’s life you become a difference maker and what you make happen for others God will make happen for you.






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