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Developing ideal habits


Daily decision sets the pace for habit formation or habit retention and determines how you will live and what you will become. Your way of life today creates the tomorrow you are committed to. The difference between excellence and mediocrity; success and failure are rooted in habits. Different habits produce different results and create different destinies. Habits are causes; the consequences of the habit are the effects.

Your habits are what directs and controls your destiny. If we want to change the course of our lives we must change our core habits. Every habit is a prelude to a destination or destiny. Your choices shape your habits and your habits shape your destiny. Our daily decisions birth our habits and our habits create the condition of our lives. To change the condition of our lives we must change our habits by changing the quality of our decisions.

You may have had reasons for developing bad habits. However, you do not have any reason or excuse to hold onto it unless you want to go down with it. You must make a committed decision to live your life by a higher standard and these can only be achieved by raising the stakes high in developing quality or ideal habits. When you hold yourself to a higher standard, you won’t be held down in mediocrity.

For the most part many people have formed the habit of being indecisive. By being indecisive you have also made the decision of being directed and controlled by the environment; other people’s agenda and past conditioning.

The starting point of developing ideal habits is to have an absolute knowledge that cultivating these ideal habits are vital necessity to living an ideal life and you also need to know how to cultivate these habits to become part of your nature.

All these will be communicated in the preceding pages of developing the chapter. However, one aspect is your absolute responsibility and this is the desire to acquire these habits. How badly do you want to develop these habits will determine the level of your progress. You will never develop these habits despite knowing what these habits are and how to cultivate them in your life unless you want to imbibe these habits into the core of your being. Therefore, knowing what to do; how to do it; having the motivation or intense desire to do it is the key distinction that separates winners from losers.

The number one priority of our lives should be to have a habitual fellowship with God. The greatest commitment in life is serving and pleasing our Maker who loves us unconditionally and desires an intimate relationship with Him. Life is primarily all about God, everything else is secondary. Without God life becomes a meaningless ordeal but with God life is a meaningful ideal.

When we give God the best part of our lives, He takes care of the rest part of our lives. When we let our Creator into every room in our hearts, He illuminates every aspect of our lives. God wants us to seek his presence and not his presents; He wants us to seek his face and not his hands. God’s greatest desire is for us to be in habitual fellowship or intimacy with Him. When we are single-mindedly God pleasers, He becomes proud of us and attends to us. Our Creator is ever ready to walk and work in us; with us and through us in order for us to be conformed to His image.

And when Divinity dominates our humanity we manifest an impeccable lifestyle or habits that lead to the citadel of greatness. When we compartmentalize God in our lives our destinies will be full of contempt. When God is at the center of our lives our minds become pure; our conversations are edifying; how we entertain ourselves becomes elevating; how we spend our time add value to us and others; what we read, watch and listen to builds us up; how we dress appeal to the goodness in us and we manifest ideal habits that leads to an ideal life.

When we only come to God as an “emergency landing” whenever things go wrong in our lives, our lives will eventually crash. When we are too busy to commune with God through studying and meditating on His word and prayers then God will be too busy to attend to the details of our lives. When we seek and pursue God with our whole heart, He opens His whole hands to us.

When we only need God to fix things in our lives our lives remains unfit to be used by Him leading to inner emptiness. When we invest quality time with God our destinies becomes upgraded to a higher quality. When you ignore God in any area of your life you are courting trouble.

When God owns your entire life; then you will own your emotions consequently you will own good habits. When you neglect or ignore God in your life; your emotions will own you and consequently bad habits will own you. When you yield yourself to God, good things becomes yielded to you. When you yield yourself to the cares of this world you fall under its weight. When you serve and give with the right motive, Life will serve you with its vault of valuables.

When you serve things and give to the unbridled impulse and passion of human nature you become the servant to bad habits leading to destiny wreckage. When you give God proper place at the center of your life, everything else falls into place. When you give God the leftover of your time, finances, attention, energy, obedience and love, you get the crumbs out of life.

God’s word (the Bible) is our manual for living and the blueprint for running our destinies. Reading, studying, meditating and confessing God’s word everyday renews and transforms our thinking changing our behavior and lifestyle into an epitome of glory and goodness. Adjusting your life to conform with God’s word automatically breeds good habits and guarantees a great destiny.


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