December 16, 2015

Ogba hails Ambode for reviving Lagos Marathon

Ogba hails Ambode for reviving Lagos Marathon

Lagos Marathon

Athletics Federation of Nigeria president, Solomon Ogba has commended Lagos State governor, Akinwummi Ambode for the rebirth of a world class marathon in Lagos.

The details of the 42km marathon sponsored by Access Bank were disclosed last weekend and it was much more of a relief to athletics officials and runners who felt pained by the demise of the Lagos half marathon.

“We thank Governor Ambode, who not only embraced the idea, but he is working round the clock to ensure its success.”

Ogba urged Nigerians who are mistaking the culture of marathon running with usual track and field to cure their ignorance by doing a Google search on marathon and its benefits to host cities. “Marathon is not about a Nigerian winning or not.

However, I will be delighted, if a Nigerian win in Lagos and go on to win elsewhere, but it is more than that. New York, Dubai, Berlin, Boston, Paris, Durban, Accra and several other marathons are not won by their citizens, but the one day event generate thousands of jobs in the host cites, millions of dollars are made, London Marathon is the biggest one day event for raising money for charities in the world, it is in the Guinness Book of Records, I urge Nigerians to seek information before making comments”