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Grappleline launches ‘What if’ campaign

By Laju Iren

Fast growing digital agency, grappleline, has kicked off a social conversation contest titled the ‘What If’ challenge.

Speaking at a press conference to mark the launch of the campaign in Lagos recently, Head of Strategy at Grappleline Limited, Mr. Seun Owolabi gave a sneak peek into the challenge. His words: “The ‘What If’ challenge is simple but revolutionary. We want to get people asking questions that really matter, questions that solve problems and questions they’re passionate about. And in the spirit of empowering solutions, we’d be rewarding the 3 most thought-provoking and interesting questions, to the tune of $5,000 in form of cash, consultancy and advertising. We’d also be working closely with the top 3 winners to build their idea, and make sure those questions are answered.”

To participate in the challenge, interested persons are required to submit a sentence, which must be written in English language. The sentence written and posted must be a question, not more than 20-words long and begin with the phrase “WHAT IF…” The sentence must then be submitted to on or before November 30.

The “#WHATIF” sentence must express a dream, a problem identified in the society, or an innovative project that adds value to the society. Organisers say each entry must be achievable, and thus, cannot be based on vague or non-existent technologies.

Speaking on the rationale behind the initiative, Owolabi said: “In our years of work as a software and design agency, we figured out that the most successful ideas we’ve helped execute for clients usually came out of simple questions they asked us, such as:’What if I could sell my custom-made shoes in over 30 countries without having a physical presence?’ or ‘What If I could keep my day job and still build my ideas by the side?’

As a result, the company decided to give everyone else an opportunity to share their own ‘What If’ questions. “It turns out people are really passionate about asking questions that matter,” said Owolabi, “because within the first 24 hours of kicking off the challenge, we had over 200 entries.”

“We’re really excited about working with the winners to help build their idea. And we’ve also partnered with some of the most influential thinkers in the industry to be the contest judges,” he added.


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