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Dance with Peter: Michael Jackson live again as more contestants face eviction

The excitement continued on the Glo- sponsored reality T.V show,  Dance with Peter,  on  Saturday night as the focus moved from Hip-Hop to Michael Jackson dance steps, making the show even more exciting and competitive.From one contestant to  another, it was such a remarkable performance that even MJ himself would have been proud of the dancers.

Dance-with-PeterThe housemates battled to remain in the academy as the eviction fever raged on. Socrazy Cool, Mali Hotboy, Ernest Smiley, Nekky and Snipes had been put on probation in the last edition, but Socrazy Cool was saved and sent back to the academy, while the other four were given a last chance to prove themselves.

Contemporary highlife king, Flavor, who made an appearance as a guest judge said, when he was asked what he wanted to see in the dancers, that he was looking out for ‘passion’. This earned him the nick name “Mr. Passion” from the audience, as he repeatedly emphasized the need for the contestants to show passion in their performances like the late Michael Jackson did in his works.   While Miracle, TJ and Mali Hotboy performed “Dangerous”,   Weezy, Octopus and Amazing Amy performed ‘Wanna be starting something” and Nekky Messiah and Kevin performed “Ghost of Jealousy”.

Other groups that performed were Socrazy Cool, Bobby and MOD who performed “Beat it; Paulette, Ernest Smiley and Julius Fakta performed “Bad” and Snipes, T-Rubber and G-Xtreme performed “Thriller”. The highpoint of the show was the performance by MX, C-Fly and Yemi who did “They don’t care about us.”

As the anchor, Ehis, announced the evictees, there was a deafening silence that could make the drop of a pin seem loud. “The first to be evicted tonight” Ehis said, “is……..Mali Hotboy”. He announced Ernest Smiley next and, thereafter, Snipes as the remaining two dancers to leave the contest.


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