Eniola Badmus became a major hit in the blockbuster movie ‘’Jenifa’ as the ‘Gbogbo Big Girls’, where she played the role of a madame who rented out girls on campus to big men. Then she kept with the same stereotype in ‘`Omo Ghetto’ where she was a leader of bad ghetto girls.

Eniola-Badmus-2Ever since, the coast has been all yummy for Eniola who has become a hotcake with movie producers. She recently celebrated her birthday in New York and had the elite of the movie industry in attendance. As Potpourri star this week, Eniola lets us into her world:

What movies have you done this year?

There’s Uchechi The Blind Cripple, A Child In Me, and many others. We shoot movies every other day, so I can’t even remember, I’ve lost count

Which one is your biggest movie so far?

Basically, I’ve done series of films that I feel are successful. At least I was able to prove a point, that’s what I’ve always wanted to do. Whichever one that my fans feel they like best, I’m with them

Which Actor/Actress do you like working with on set?

I like working with everybody; I don’t discriminate. In as much as you’re good then we’re good to go. I can work with anybody that goes with my flow and can give me what I want; I’m cool with everybody

Have you won any awards?

I’ve won many awards. This year I won ‘The Best Actress 2014 in City People Awards’. Then I had three other nominations; I had nominations in GIAMA, I got nominated in NMA as ‘Most Popular Actor’, that’s one of the biggest nominations I had. Then series of nominations and other awards too.

What has been your biggest challenge since you got into Nollywood?

I’ve been in this industry for a long time; I don’t even look at challenges anymore. When you stay too long in a particular stuff, it doesn’t look challenging anymore because my life is all about this that I do. I’ve been doing this for over a decade so I can’t just say one thing is challenging. I try my best in all that I do

You mostly play bad girl roles in movies, why?

I don’t remember the ones that I played bad girl recently, maybe before, but I know I’ve changed a lot of stuffs. I’ve been playing other roles too and the fact that I play bad girl role doesn’t mean I am bad, maybe, I’m good at it though.

Have you ever played as someone else’s wife in a movie?

More than enough times.

You and Davido were seen together recently, what were you guys doing?

Shout-out to my brother, Davido! That’s a movie shoot, that’s my movie coming out sometime next year. I shot some in Yankee and I’m shooting part of it again in Nigeria

Have you ever thought of losing weight?

Why is this my being big an issue to people? Okay, everybody has to be very very slim, right? In the US they don’t discriminate like this o, it’s only in Nigeria people get worked up about being overweight. I understand it is not healthy to be overweight at all, but should it be an issue as a lifestyle?

Has your weight affected your career in any way?

How now? That is what has been working for me. It is not easy to be big and famous. Instead of my weight being a drawback, it has actually been a blessing.

Are you currently in any relationship?

Yes, obviously, I would have someone I’m dating; I’ll have somebody I’m planning marriage with, even if I’m not planning marriage, at least I have somebody I’m seeing.

How is it like working with Wazobia FM?

It’s cool. I’m not working with Wazobia FM; I only have my show on Naija FM

When does your show air on radio?

It’s Monday and Tuesday on Naija FM by 6:00PM

Have you gotten any endorsements before?

Yes- many times. I used to be on Vmobile billboard, then on iROKOTv. I did an advert for CBN, even Royco.

What do you find attractive in a man?

I just like a regular guy that has talent, even if he does not have talent, he has to be intelligent. A regular man, an average man; but please no body odour and no mouth odour, such are very important to me.

At your last birthday party, you were seen with bottles of alcohol…

(Cuts) When you have a party, you don’t give alcohol? See, I am a kind of person that doesn’t see a thing like that as anything special. How can any normal person have a party without alcohol? I’m not an SU o, let them know. I’m a born-again Christian but I’m not an SU. When we have parties, we serve alcohol, it is normal. Party without alcohol is nothing, its zero.

What is your advice to upcoming Yoruba actresses?

They should do what they believe, but they should just do the right thing

Who inspired you to become an actress?

Nobody inspired me; I just felt okay I wanted to do it. I did Theater Arts at University of Ibadan and that’s it

  What has been the high point of your career?

I’m still not at the top of my game, I’m not there yet, we’re still moving. We’ve not reached but we’re on the way, we’re not where we used to be but we’re still climbing

Are you planning on getting married?

Yes now, every girl wants to get married at some point in her life. Even if I’m getting married, nobody would know though.


Because I just want to keep it like that. I am not the kind of person that wants her private life in the open. Any relationship I have, I just want to keep it off the news so it can last. If it’s in the news, they’ll frustrate the relationship and before you know it, the relationship ends, basically because the man may be scared off by the noise.

How would you describe yourself off camera?

I like to chill a lot, I like to just be in my house watching TV, reading novels and watching my other jobs I’ve done that came out and try to correct my mistakes. I’m always in my friend’s house when I’m not working; I like to chill with my friends and family because that’s the only time I have with my people.

What more should people expect from you?

They should expect good things. They should expect my movie featuring the one and only OBO and other artists like Bukky Wright, Bukki Ajayi, Funke Akindele, Patience Ozokwor. I’m shooting my movie this year but it’s coming out next year




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