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Confab: Disagreements over resource control uncalled for —Bozimo


BENIN—FORMER Minister of Police Affairs, Alaowei Broderick Bozimo, yesterday, warned delegates to the national conference that they may be held responsible for any crisis in the country, if they allow the issue of revenue allocation and resource control destroy all they had achieved so far at the confab.

Bozimo, who spoke to Vanguard, expressed worries that the disagreement among the delegates was uncalled for since the entire deliberations of the conference would still go to the National Assembly or a plebiscite where Nigerians will decide on what to do with the recommendations.

He said: “I have been following the events at the confab with very keen interest. I want to congratulate the members for the commendable ways they have gone about their duties. But I want to advise that whatever difficulties or protests that may have arisen from the presentation of the committee report on governance, and resource control, that the conflict should be handled with extreme maturity and caution having regard to the wonderful achievement of the conference so far.

“They should not allow the devolution of power and resource control destroy their efforts because they have achieved a lot. Of course, we are not unmindful that the subject matters which have to do with devolution of powers, resource control and derivation are the most important to all the groups, but that not withstanding, months  of hard work must not be wasted. More so when we know that the findings of that report are not truly binding because the National Assembly or the people of Nigeria will decide on them in a plebiscite.

“The conference has no powers to make the recommendations over our constitution, neither can it water the constitution. What they are doing is mere recommendation. So, it is not really worthwhile for them to scuttle the beautiful work they have done so that Nigerians would not blame them for causing unnecessary crisis.


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