‘Ehn, I heard the soldiers were informed of the Chibok school attack but failed to act. Why?” asked Julie.

“The whole thing is sickening. The armed forces have been infiltrated by these demons. They have their members all over the place so that whatever strategy the soldiers plan to adopt, before you say Jack Robinson, the Boko guys have the information. Have you wondered why soldiers would be asked by their commanders to leave a place and just after they leave, the Boko guys will invade the place?” asked John.

“The security agencies should stop playing the one-man-riot squad game and work as a team. They should learn to share information,” said Dave.

Asked Steve: “By the way, why hasn’t a list of the missing girls been compiled and those that escaped allowed to talk to security agents or even the nation about their experiences? Why hasn’t the Principal of the school been arrested? I know that right after what happened in Yobe, WAEC asked governments in those violence-prone areas to relocate students to safer places to write the exams but it seems the principal defied the order.”

“The principal could not have acted alone. I heard that parents and elders of Chibok appealed to state authorities to allow the students to write the exam in their school as they considered Chibok safer than Maiduguri and Biu where the Governor had planned to relocate them,” said Abdul.

Said Julie: “See how ordinary illiterate Shekau is holding a whole nation to ransom!”
Replied Dave: “Oh, ordinary Shekau ba? Go and catch him now! These are terrorists and not ordinary criminals.

Many of us are so uninformed that we just open our mouths and say anything. Chibok people should share in the blame too because I heard they prevailed on the government to allow the children write the exam in Chibok instead of Maiduguri and Biu as suggested by government.”

“ Yes, Maiduguri and Biu have strong military presence and so would have been safer,” said Abdul.
“For once, APC made a good suggestion by asking the Federal Government to establish an office of the Special Anti-Terrorism Coordinator so that this menace will be better handled,” stated Dave.

Said Mercy: “I have said it over and over again, that with the abduction of these girls, Boko will meet their waterloo. Some people are against foreign help. One of them said the US has a sinister motive in coming to help; that they want to take our oil,” said Dave.

“Abeg make we hear word. Your oil that has done nothing for majority of Nigerians but hardship and tears?” retorted Julie, adding: “They are saying that because their children are not among the abducted girls, I am sure they will not mind if the devil himself is invited to help rescue them if their girls were involved.“

“US should take the Boko guys out of Nigeria. Let them be tried at the World Court because if they are left here, before you know it, they will disappear and the matter will go into voicemail,” said Steve. “They should also help us fish out their sponsors and supporters wherever they may be. They must pay for all the innocent blood they have shed,” he added.

”The criminals are asking Government to release their members in exchange for the girls and the government is saying no. I think they should negotiate for the sake of these girls,” counseled Julie.



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