By Vera Samuel Anyagafu

The Chairman, Coscharis Group of Companies, Sir Cosmas Maduka has tasked Nigerian youths to remain committed in their various levels of capabilities to ensuring progressive future.

Cosmas who spoke at a recent inspirational forum, organized in Lagos for Nigerian youths, noted that his perseverance played a major role in providing him innumerable opportunities to attain the level that he is today in the Nigeria business world and beyond.

Aside his spectacular business inclinations and contributions to growing Nigeria’s economy, he is also extensively involved in several human transformation programs, where he voluntarily encourages youths to be self reliant and remain within gatherings that would help them locate their individual potentials.

Despite coming from a poor background, the business mogul, who believes strongly in self reliance, was able to wade through vicissitudes of life to the personality that he upholds today in the Nigerian business society.

Describing his poor background as a platform on which he stood to conquer life’s many adversities, he was quick to advise those who look up to him as role model to stand up to the challenges that life would ordinarily present before them, so as to achieve productive ideas.

“Although, I was unable to further my education, owing to the fact that I came from a low class family, it was not enough to deter me from achieving my goal in life,” adding that, “ I will always remain faithful to the role my parents and background played in building my recognition, and the hunger for God in my daily endeavors.

These two important aspects of my life earned me the reputable business mogul that I am today”, he said.
Cosmas, who believed that he would have made a first class, if he had the opportunity to further his education encouraged the youths to remain steadfast in their various levels of efforts to ensure that they discover their talents early enough and improve on them.

Dr Cosmas Maduka
Dr Cosmas Maduka

He also noted that the most important investment any country can make is educating its youth and providing them the skills they need to compete in a highly technological advanced world economy, but was quick to encouraged Nigerian youths to indulge in several volunteering activities that would enable them discover their talents early enough in order to advance and impact positively on the society, irrespective of government’s contributions.

According to Cosmas, “Education is one thing that I seriously would have desired to have if it was in my power to turn back the hands of time, and I implore each one of you to embrace every available opportunity and ensure that you locate your talents and improve on them, adding that, “successes come through surmounting various levels of obstacles, therefore, you must always remain committed in pursuing your desired goals in life.

Narrating further some unforgettable lessons life on earth has taught him, one of which is to ensure that he makes best use of his time and strength, he therefore urged those who look up to him as a role model, to focus on whatever goal they aspire to achieve in life through commitment and perseverance.
“The ability to succeed in life lies within each and every one of you, and until you begin to look inside of you, I am afraid you would remain far from realizing your dreams.

Success grows like a wild fire. It is hard to ignite, and is equated to a prick on a wine tap tree.
If you succeed to prick the wine tap tree to run, it can never be stopped,” he added.

With the rate of his success through life, he could say that he is absolutely contended, declaring that in a situation where he loses all that he had achieved in life, he would gladly start all over again, owing to the fact that he would not have not lost the qualities that God has deposited in him.

He said, “Who I am, is not what I posses. The real I, is the man who is in me and not what I posses. A person who is able to take a thing from me is one who can succeed to get me distracted from my focus.

He further tasked the youth to eradicate the copycat syndrome, expressing that it would delight him to come back to another life as he is in the life now, towing the same path he is familiar with.

“I am certain that you are bound to succeed in life and even get beyond the level I am in business today, if you refuse to be derailed by frivolities and endeavor to take considerably greater efforts in achieving your desired goals in life.

This is what has made it possible for me to remain in business over decades.”


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