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A world without scruples (3)

How far will you go to get out of a situation? The story below is narrated by a young, Public Relations executive named Cynthia who after an affair with a charming, young man went into depression for almost two year. How did it happened? Find out as she shares her story below:

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My parents became confused, they called him several times but he did not change his mind. On the fifth day, I was taken to the hospital and sedated. I was allowed home a week later. That did not stop my crying though.

And for months, I stayed at home, waiting and hoping that Duke would call. That he would discover the truth and apologise for not trusting me enough and beg me to marry him. I refused to go out, not even to church.

As I was not working anyway, that left me with much time on my hands to wallow in self pity. In my heart, I felt it was a good thing that I did not have to go out to face people and be forced to explain what had happened over and over again.

I refused to see my friends too, believing they would all be laughing at me or feeling pity for me.
Three months after Duke and I broke up, one of my sisters came home with news of Duke’s coming wedding with another lady. From the photographs, she was definitely older than me. A Yoruba girl, she had bleached her skin so much and I was convinced that she must have charmed him. She was nothing like the sort of girl Duke would date, not to talk of marry.

All attempts to call Duke had failed and my parents had barred me from calling and all my siblings from talking about him. I can’t say for how long I held the wedding invitation in my hands but I remember that I kept it under my pillows for a very long time. Long after the wedding in fact.
Most of what I recall that I did, are things told to me by members of my family. But I do remember that I was always crying. I was always being administered with drugs to sleep,wake,eat,etc. It was pathetic. Eventually however, I started going out after one full year. Not to the hospital anymore but to church. Our pastor had come several times during the year to pray with us and so had most of the sisters.

They all knew my story and were ready to offer assistance in helping to rehabilitate me. I became a worker in the church, coupled with other activities, I started going out on my own. Often, I would still come home crying because I’d seen a car that looked like Duke’s or someone that looked like him.
But you will not believe that I never set my eyes on him.

It took me another two years to accept a date from one of the brothers in my church.
To the glory of God, I am now happily married with my own child.

My husband is doing fine, even if he is not as rich as Duke. We have lacked nothing. I am now at peace with the world and even Duke. That peace however did not come until I learnt what actually happened that night.

It had all been set up by Duke and his friends. Duke was already in an affair with the lady he married and preferred to marry but did not know how to tell me. So, they came up with that plan.

I have forgiven him in my heart. I used to think he was my knight in shining armour. A saint, someone flawless that could do no harm. I was ready to worship the ground beneath his feet.

Now, I am sure it is a sin for a human being to love another human being to that extent. There is no way such a person will not be disappointed. That is why I know that he will be punished by God for what he did to me. I also know that he would never find the kind of love and peace that I gave to him. I cannot punish or chastise him for what he did to me but I know someone will, one day, very soon.

However, as I said, it opened my eyes to all those flaws I never knew were there in the first place. I realised he is a conniving, double face cheat. That he is not as charming and confident as I thought he was. That he does not really measure up in love making and caring as I assumed.
All he knows is how to make his money work for him. Without the money, he is nothing, just an empty shell. And to think that was the man I wanted to marry?



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