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Female bishops

By Donu Kogbara

LAST week, I criticised Anglican traditionalists who have prevented women from becoming Bishops. I expressed the opinion that female and male priests should have equal status and identical promotion prospects in this day and age.

Some Vanguard readers objected to my stance; and since it is a free world, they are certainly entitled to disagree with me. But I must say that sending me long religious tracts that attempt to justify sexism is a complete and utter waste of their time. And mine.

Why? Because I switch off mentally whenever I receive this kind of reading material from so-called champions of Divine Truth. Because the theological arguments for rejecting female bishops have nothing to do with the recorded words of Jesus Christ. Because I will never buy into a world view that regards gender discrimination as spiritually sound.

Female priests have made huge contributions to the Anglican church since they were first ordained 20 years ago. Meanwhile, Queen Elizabeth (who was a lady the last time I checked!) is this very same church’s Supreme Governor.

So what is the “No” brigade’s problem? Why are they so illogical and so doggedly determined to cling to the past? How can it be that female bishops are banned at a time when there is a female monarch and female Supreme Governor?

It’s all very weird and warped, if you ask me.
By the way, I’m a Catholic myself; and I should be even more critical of my own church…which, unlike the relatively progressive Anglicans, has flatly refused to ordain women as ordinary priests. We who look to Rome for leadership haven’t even made it to first base in the war against misogyny and I would love to think that the Vatican will one day budge on this issue. But I doubt that it will.

Are women smarter than men?

ACCORDING to James Flynn, a globally renowned authority on intelligence tests, women in Westernised countries have become brighter than their menfolk.

One possible explanation is that women’s lives have become more demanding as they multi-task – taht is juggle the challenges of raising families with the challenges associated with holding down jobs. The implication is that complexity stretches the brain.
Another possible explanation is that women have always had a slightly higher potential intelligence than men and are only just realising it now.

Flynn says that more data is needed to properly explain this trend; and he will, we are told, soon publish his findings in a book.

I can’t wait to read it!
I wonder whether women and men in non-Westernised nations will, if tested, produce similar results. Isn’t it amazing that the wheel has  come full circle and that women have gone from being regarded as intellectually inferior to being described as intellectually superior, in some countries at least?

Spend, spend, spend!

IT has been reported in the British press that 150,000 Nigerians visit the UK every year and are blowing so much cash in UK shops that they spend four times what the average Brit spends and are now ranked as the fourth biggest foreign spenders. They are surpassed only by the Chinese, the Russians and the Arabs.

There is a plus and minus to almost every facet of life; and the cheering aspect of this story is the fact that Nigerians are showing white folks that not every African is a pathetic pauper who needs to be rescued by their donor agencies!

However, a large chunk of the funds that are being spent do not actually belong to the spenders in question because they have been looted from various government sources. And it depresses the hell out of me when I watch people who should be behind bars swanning around, merrily brandishing ill-gotten European designer goods and spectacularly failing to invest in our own economy!

Most of these unrepentant shopaholics claim to be regular church or mosque goers. But they have massive black holes where their consciences and hearts should be. One wonders how they can sleep at night.



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