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Nigerians need financial intelligence to overcome recession – Olumide


Author of ‘School of Money’, Mr. Olumide Emmanuel has expressed confidence that Nigerians can overcome economic recession that hit the world in 2007 with financial intelligence.

Speaking with news men in Lagos, Emmanuel explained that with financial intelligence, Nigerians can overcome economic recession.

“When the recession began in 2007, as at 2008, the then Central Bank Governor, Charles Soludo was telling us that Nigeria cannot be affected because we are immune.

“This is because they were not looking at things holistically but today we know that the information was not accurate.  The solution to recession in the country is for us to have financial intelligent and be conscious that there is recession in the country.”

He attributed the high rate of unemployment min the country to lack of entrepreneur skills in Nigerians.

“Entrepreneurship is the solution to unemployment. It is the solution to poverty and it is the solution to corruption. People steal money because they don’t know how to create money. Once people know how to create money they would not steal.

“Once people know how to create money and create wealth they would create jobs. So if young people graduate from school and they know how to set up small business before long they would employ people and the money would be there for the government to do other things,” he said.

Explaining the importance of cultivating reading  habit, Olumide said the average Nigerian does not read “that is why they are average and that is how they will continue to remain average.

“So if you want to leave average to become exceptional you need to read. Because if you are not informed you will be deformed, if you are not inspired you will expire and if you are not updated you will be outdated. It is what you know that determine how far you will go. So you have to read because it is through reading that you get the information on how to create wealth.

The school does not teach people wealth creation. “Having a Ph.D. in Swimming Technology does not make you a swimmer. Having a degree in Business Administration does not mean you can successfully run a saloon. So this book (School of Money) is there to give people the practical knowledge and tools on how to teach people. You have seen people share testimonies on how they have become millionaires and landlords. So it has worked for them why won’t it work for other people. We have raise over 300millionaires over the last five years already and land owners.

“School of Money Book is what this nation needs now because we need financial intelligence, we need entrepreneurship to turn things around in the country.

At the end of the seminar, raffle draw was held for audience that bought book and Mr. Bensmart Onyechere won the first prize of N1 million while the second prize of N500,000  cash went to Mrs. Esther Ajilore and Mr. OluwaseyeOyetunji emerge as the third place winner with N250,000 cash.

Olumide Emmanuel has been into motivational seminars and book writing for the past 20 years. He started out in 1995 and has been in Lagos and several places since then.


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