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Clarion Off-Dock Vehicle Terminal: A boost for mass transit


AS the federal and state governments intensify efforts to boost mass transportation in the wake of the partial removal of subsidy on petrol, Clarion Shipping West Africa, a bonded terminal has offered a partnership to build the capacity of government.

To start with, Clarion services take pressure off the RORO port by providing ample space for vehicles, as well as, support increased vessels Turnaround Time resulting to improved revenue generation to Nigeria customs service and the economy.

Managing Director Clarion Shipping, Benedine Eloka said, “the provision of an Off-Dock vehicle Bonded Terminal has assisted in the decongestion of the RORO port. We have capacity for about 4000 units of vehicles. For convenience in handling vehicles in our terminal, we made provision for two gates. The in-gate, is otherwise known as the transfer gate. This gate allows transfer of units from the port into the terminal only.

The exit gate allows for deliveries only. “With this arrangement, there exists smooth flow of operation in the terminal at deliveries, even while transfer-ins is on.”

Vehicular arrangement
At the terminal, vehicles are arranged neatly, in such a way that does not disturb movement and or delivery at any point in time.

This provides opportunity for agents to process their deliveries without pressure and stress and more importantly at the exact time they are ready for delivery without queuing up for a long time, struggling and fighting on who goes out first.

Despite incurring reasonable cost in effecting transfer of vehicles from Tincan port, Clarion still avoids charging transfer fees. This has kept the cost of clearing in the port the same with that in Clarion.

“This is one of the numerous factors that made Clarion standout in this industry. It is only at Clarion that customers can have this type of rare understanding no other operator can do it and we stand to be challenged.”

To quicken transaction time, collection of debit notes, payments, issuance and collection of receipts, terminal delivery orders, exit notes, etc., are done within seconds, while average waiting time at Clarion is 3mins.

There has never been any record of casualties in Clarion in the course of agents fight and struggle to receive attention after waiting for a whole day and more without being attended to.

Eloka said, “Customs examinations, releases, and deliveries are effected in the most economic and efficient manner. This is because we have seasoned and well experienced Custom officers who are committed to their oath and who bought into the government customs reform polices in the 48hr clearance regime, as a visible tool in aiding the economic growth and development of our great nation.

“Agents are not in any way frustrated or delayed without just cause in the course of their job. Above all, we give kind a consideration to our customers’ challenges, reasonable waivers and discounts, and in these, they are happy, encouraged and want to do more and a repeat business with us.”

At Clarion, the length of time vehicles stay before delivery to the consignee depends on the consignee and his customs agent. The clearance procedure opens and closes within 8hrs operation, all things being equal.

This means that if the consignee makes adequate funds, with no discrepancies in the documents as given to the agent by the importer, and appropriate duties paid, the agent should be able to deliver to his consignee within one day.


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