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Nature in us

Rapid urbanisation and our work routine have put us away from nature. Most of us become more mechanical and dependent on machines, say transportation mode, House hold equipment and appliances,Entertainment mode like the TV etc. to achieve our basic life satisfaction and expectations.

Civilisations in urban cities mainly driven on academic career and work pursuit put us away from basic natural life routine.

This put us more dependent in the hands of doctors for cure of basic diseases like obesity, weak cardiac system, diabetes, weak immune system, blood pressure related diseases etcetera.  We start believing in them to cure us by taking tablets to remove the diseases. We fail to emit our toxins in natural manner.

Now, if we compare  our common genes with those of monkeys, we will find that monkeys still live consistently healthier life, with stronger immune system and longer life where most of us have deteriorated in our health and life style.

The simple reason is that monkeys still carry their basic life routine in natural manner to live their livelihood. Monkeys in their lifestyle undergo automatic exercise of all their body parts. The same applies to other animals such as dogs, horses etc. The urban life style does not ask us to compromise our health.

Have we thought to spare time to bridge the gap between our urban life style and natural life style? How many of us make use of provided health facilities? Do we knowingly or unknowingly inherit basic root cause of many diseases?

Yes, we agree that we have to live in urban cities and become part of fast life. Generally, person featured with urban life becomes weaker in cardiac system, obesity and associated diseases like blood pressure, diabetes , heart etc, and more prone to allergic infections, cancer etc.

We all are aware of basic tools to become fit and healthy but we do not practice them The question now arises:  What is the best way to bridge the gap and improve our health? The answer is we must spare time to work on our weight, flexibility, cardiac exercises, brisk walk, jogging etc. This will bring us closure to nature and we will remain healthier and fit.

The recommendation is for us to spare at least 45 to 60 minutes daily to practice exercises leading to sweat out. We may put in Yoga, Pranayam, brisk walk, meditation, etc in our daily routine.

This is the only way out to bridge the gap to come closure to natural living life-style. Let us make step forward to improve our health for a happier life, stronger society and better country.


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