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Changing the world

By Debbie Olujobi

Many years ago, I joined the Talk circuit! It is basically a term to describe Motivational Speakers and Life Coaches and, after a while, I was making a tidy sum per appearance.  The qualifications are rather more than just a gift of the gab; it helps to have acquired an appreciable degree of success in one’s core area of expertise. The logic for that is simple; to teach people to be successful you must be successful. I had initially enjoyed it, but the attraction faded class after class, year after year.

Around that period, I had changed business gear and was doing so much travelling that the time was simply not available. Eventually the decision to stop had been based on the value I put on my time and I took what to me was a pragmatic decision; my time could be put to more financially productive use.

An added incentive was that I hadn’t enjoyed seeing flyers and posters of me all over the place either; don’t get me started on the never-ending radio ads. I still get a lot of offers but I am wont to make exceptions and honour those by organisations not in it for the money. I still believe I can change the world; if only one person at a time.

Changing the world is not a grand project. Change happens when there is a seismic shift in perception; when the consciousness awakens and sees above the horizon into the realm of possibilities.  I am excited by the younger generation, especially those ones who dare to imagine that there just may be more out there.

They are those I like to take under my wing and mentor and as of today I have acquired another batch of budding entrepreneurs. Changing the world really is that simple; it’s awakening the light within others by letting one’s own light shine! A light under a bushel does not change the world no matter how beautiful and bright.

A flicker of a flame, however, can cut through darkness causing illumination and that is the miracle. The miracle of awakening is the change the world needs for change and the good news is that it’s here; light is here. Darkness may yet cover some faces but eventually illumination is the destination we are headed.

Awakening suggests a previous slumber and that is the point I make today. Accepting status quo and inherited perceptions is the enemy of progress for the world as a whole. Accepting ideologies without question is setting man against man and creating lines of divisions that may be the undoing of us all.

The law does not accept ignorance as excuse and I pray that seismic shift happens in the collective consciousness of all humanity so that ignorance is not the weapon by which our world is destroyed. When you concoct that ignorance with insecurity you have a Molotov cocktail of people ready to die for a cause that is anything but.

Crusading for a change in perception is a cause worth fighting for and to the wise; it’s an investment in unlimited human resources that can only be profitable individually and corporately. I have embraced the African adage that the sky is big enough for birds to fly without collision for as long as I can remember and it is an adage we should all live by. Everyone can take a little time to give of themselves to others to promote the paradigm shift we need to enjoy a better future and change the present.

Everyone wants a miracle but I wonder if anyone has ever been a miracle!! Miracles are a lot more common than we assume and I will give an illustration of sorts. I think it was in the late 80s  when I was rushed home from the university with a serious case of malaria. The unfortunate truth of my situation back then was the decided lack of resources.

I worked most holidays to support myself through the university and I had been worried that money would be a huddle in my treatment. I remember running a dangerously high temperature while shivering like a drowning rat but still at home. As at that time, the miracle I needed was less than what I would pay for some lunches now and it took a neighbour who just walked in to ask why I had been carried in to be that miracle. The question of money did not even arise and she had paid everything before my mom was even aware that I was home. That singular act saved my life (believe me malaria kills) and it changed my world!

Changing the world is not some grand gesture that needs postponing till we become millionaires it’s something that can start now. A loaf of bread is a miracle to someone hungry; a miracle at less than a dollar. A kind word, a smile is a miracle to someone who is down and being a mentor to a youth who may benefit from our experience; a miracle that could change a destiny.

Changing the world is easy; it’s extending kindness, one man to the other; regardless of creed, colour or tribe. It is bringing light to a world that’s fast losing vision. It’s an awakening that is activated when we come into the knowing that “all things; absolutely everything is possible”….


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