Ramsey Noah
Desmond Elliot

As is the norm with many modern fashion trends, gladiator sandal which has for a few years now adorned women’s feet is gradually transcending gender. Though its earliest forms were popular with the men, this toe-barring footwear suddenly became the delight of fashion-conscious women when it re-emerged in style. But with more male-designers remodeling this eye-catching footwear to suit men’s fashion, more men are now sporting this warrior-styled sandal. Easy to pull off, this great and unmistakable trend in fashion footwear can be paired with denim and fun tee for a real casual look, especially as they now come in mild patterns- unlike the ones worn by Maximus and Spartacus! You can also pull it off with linen. But as you opt for the warrior style like Ramsey and Desmond, remember to ditch your socks. And if for any reason you feel uncomfortable with the way the gladiator sandals look on your feet, better not wear it at all. Also, clean your nails because with gladiator shoes, you basically show your toes.

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