HE  has to tell us whether that is a manual for governors on who to support or not. When the better part of wisdom dictates that a Governor should show equal love to all the parts of the state, he wants him to show preference only to those that supported him. Tragic!

His reference to the State University betrayed him as one who is parochial. Between Mbadinuju taking the university to his home town, Ngige taking part of it to his home town and Obi determined to develop it according to the dictates of its foundation, which is worth celebrating?

At the Uli campus, does he know that Obi has built more structures than any past governor of the State, including Mbadinuju who Adinuba served faithfully? Hatchet writers thrive more under incompetent governments. Presently, the Permanent site of the University at Igabriam is being developed, but insofar as it is not in Ihiala, it means nothing to Adinuba. Meanwhile, all the towns in Ihiala acknowledges the Governor’s achievement.

A sample: “As a matter of fact, we sincerely appreciate the efforts of your Government through Anambra Integrated Development Strategy, ANIDS not only in developing all sectors of the economy in Anambra State simultaneously, but also in the even spread of the governmental projects throughout the entire state. This is a feat no past governor in Anambra State, executive or otherwise has achieved.

Time may not permit us to mention your many projects in the state and Ihiala Local Government Area in particular…. We thank you, especially for the Azia-Orsumoghu-Mbosi road project with a spur to Lilu awarded by your government to GRAND STAR which is nearing completion.

We also thank your Excellency for your tireless efforts to see not only that road projects are awarded and executed in Anambra State but that the roads are constructed according to approved standards.

We also appreciate the effort of your government in the provision of bore hole in our only government owned secondary school, Community Secondary School Orsumoghu through the Millennium Development Goal Water Project.

Your Excellency, it is on record that you are the first Governor that appointed an illustrious son of this town in the person of Omelora Mike Omanu to the exalted position of a Permanent Secretary”. This is the President General of one of the towns that made up Ihiala LGA, Orsumoghu, speaking when the Governor visited the town on September 11, 2009.

All the towns in the LG have similar tales and yet Adinuba said they were all crying for not benefitting anything from the present Government of Peter Obi.

Telling us that he mentioned the issue of Ihiala at one or two chance meetings with the Governor shows you how sincere and self-absorbed he is. I expect him to show us the letters he has written to the Governor on that. Besides showing how disrespectful he is for the office of the Governor he is showing bad example to the children of the State.

I hope he is not trying to prove that the best way to discuss weighty issues affecting the development of the State is through chance meeting with relevant authorities.

A man from Ihiala Local Government was once the Governor of Anambra State; I challenge him to tell the entire world what he did for the local government. In this debate, which I believe is just starting, I will concede victory to him if he proves with empirical evidence that the man did 20 per cent of what the present governor has done in Ihiala.

Obi has executed several projects in all the parts of the State and in all sectors. Today he is working; I mean work is going on in 17 small town water schemes, 15 bridges, including Okpu Bridge on Osungwu-Nkwo Okija road at Ihiala. He is working on over 27 erosion sites.

He is working on over 70 roads, including the Uli University road, Ihiala Local Government Ring Road, Azia-Orsumoghu-Ubuluisiuzor, Lilu Road, among other roads in Ihiala. He is building blocks of five classrooms in the State and all the towns in the Local Government have benefitted.

Out of 43 voluntary hospitals the State is supporting, three are in Ihiala LGA. Out of about 111 schools that received buses, seven are from Ihiala LG. Out of about 140 schools that received 50 laptops and 10 desktops each, eight are from Ihiala LG.

Out of about 130 schools connected to the Internet, six are from Ihiala LG. I can go on and on. In the midst of all these, it is important to note that the Governor has not borrowed any kobo from any financial institution, unlike many states in the country.

For the first time we have a governor in the State who is taking development to hitherto forgotten areas such as Anambra West and Ayamelum such that the tag of lopsided accusation of development would not fly.

What will it profit Adinuba or any of his ilk to attack a Governor who is working so hard for the State and whose work would certainly be difficult to equal in Anambra? How can Anambra State stop advertising its projects when people like Adinuba are ready to lie to the public that Obi is not doing anything? They readily rush to sites such as Saharareporters that only delight in painting Anambra State black.

Mr. ALENTINE OBIENYEM is SA Media to Governor Peter Obi of Anambra State.

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