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I eat moderately to avoid pot belly – Seyi Allen

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With Ebun Babalola

seyi allen

Seyi Allen is an entertainment promoter who has been using his ideas to promote the Nigerian Music Industry. He is the son of the first editor of the Nigerian Tribune Newspaper and our guest on this edition of Celebrity Tummy Talk. The Lagos State born music promoter says his favourite soup is owo, one of Delta State’s indigenous soups. Enjoy!

What’s your feeding habit like?

I eat twice a day and it must not come later than 8pm.

Why do you prefer eating twice daily?

I simply want to avoid protruded tummy at all cost

Do you have preference to a particular food?

Yes, I love eating beans with plantain ,eba and okro or owo soup

Is owo soup your native soup?

Owo soup is from Delta State.

Why did you develop interest in this Delta State soup?

I like sampling native delicacies from all over Nigeria.

Do you know how to prepare it?

Don’t cook, but I enjoy eating local foods.

Have you ever played any pranks to get your favourite meal?

No. I’ll rather go on hunger strike, because I’m not a food freak.

What’s your favorite kind of drink?

Water goes with my meal.

Do you exercise?

I love hiking a lot

Special Easter Treats

Food is an important part of the Easter celebration, and these foods vary not only within Nigeria but throughout the world.

Plantain and Gizzard

Plantains and Gizzards are a Nigerian dish made primarily from plantains and chicken gizzards tossed in stew. The plantains are usually diced and deep fried while the gizzards are boiled and also deep fried. It is a dish that is typically served at parties or get-togethers, but that doesn’t negate the fact that you can also make it at home for yourself.


Ripe plantains



Garlic cloves


Red bell pepper


Red onion

Two scotch bonnet peppers


One to two Knorr cubes

One fresh lemon or half cup real lemon juice

Six cups groundnut oil

Half cup Palm oil

Half tablespoon salt


Remove gizzards from packaging, add to bowl. Rinse with cold water

Drain water, squeeze and add lemon juice to gizzards. Using hands, clean gizzards in a washing motion

Drain lemon juice, rinse gizzards 2-3 times with cold water

Transfer gizzards to pot. Cut 1 clove garlic, few slices of onions & some ginger into it. Add enough water to cover gizzards, let boil for 30 minutes over medium heat

While that’s boiling, start cutting up your pepper to blend

Pour the cut pepper in a blender, along with 1 of cup water

Blend till smooth

Add half cup of groundnut oil and half cup palm oil to a pot. Turn heat on to medium, let oils get hot

Add blended peppers to hot oil, along with 1 knorr cube. Let boil for 20 minutes over medium heat

Add remaining groundnut oil to a deep fryer, let it heat up

Wash and rinse your plantain

Cut off top and bottom ends of plantain

With a knife, make a slit in the back of the curve of the plantain

Peel the skin off

Divide each plantain into two (down the center of the plantain), should yield 4 pieces

Cut each half down the center again (should yield 8 pieces)

Gather 4 pieces at a time and dice it all up

Transfer diced plantains to a bowl; sprinkle 1/2 a tsp of salt

Add half a tablespoon water and toss the plantains

Add diced plantains to hot oil

Deep fry till golden brown, 5-7 minutes; transfer fried plantains to paper towel to drain excess oil. Set aside in a warm place (don’t turn off heat yet)

Return to boiling gizzards, they should be soft at this point. Discard stock

Turn heat off, using a slotted spoon, remove gizzards from pot onto a plate or wax paper

Add gizzards to hot oil

Deep fry till dark brown, 5 minutes. Transfer to paper towel to drain excess oil, set aside. Turn deep fryer off.

The peppers should also be boiled at this point, turn off heat. Let stand 5 minutes

Add fried plantains and fried gizzards to a large bowl (use one that has a cover)

Using a ladle or a large serving spoon, scoop two spoonfuls of stew add to the fried plantains/fried gizzards

Cover the bowl and shake it up vigorously till fried pieces are thoroughly coated with stew

Transfer to a plate and serve. (It’s a wrap at this point)

To rinse the gizzards, I recommend using fresh lemon or fresh limes (or both). I forgot to pick some up when I went to the store, but I did have some ‘real lemon’ juice in a bottle, which is what I used. It works just as well, but I still prefer fresh over bottled.

It can be eaten by itself, or with a big piece of meat, add some chicken drumsticks/legs to the mix… or with rice.

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