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Alake quits senatorial race

Former Lagos State Commissioner for Information and Strategy, Mr. Dele Alake has quit the Ekiti Central Senatorial race. In a statement in Lagos yesterday, he said: “When I joined the race for the senatorial seat in Ekiti, I was motivated by the higher ideal of offering service and quality representation to the people of Ekiti Central Senatorial District in particular, Ekiti State and Nigeria in general.

“I felt that my God-given intellect, talent,  elocution and erudiction and articulation, experience, exposure, knowledge and vision would be best put to the service of my people in the National Assembly through a clean electoral process.

I did not envisage that an intra-party primary would degenerate into malpractices, fraud, violence and brigandage. Given what occurred on Monday at the cancelled primary in Ekiti Central Senatorial zone, I have come to the painful conclusion that it will be an uphill task for decent people with a sense of propriety to be part of any such process again.

“In the light of this and after due consultations with well-meaning Nigerians across the geo-political divides and given the fact that I subscribed to the principle and value of playing the game by the rule and also the fact that I cherish the quality of my name, status, stature and my image , I have decided not to be part of any such arrangement because there is no guarantee that the same thing will not occur again. Politics, for me, is not a do-or-die affair.

“I do not believe that in order to serve the people you either induce them with money, buy their conscience or resort to thuggery, hooliganism and brigandage. I strongly believe that if one wants to serve, you offer yourself and convince the people with ideas, programmes, plans and manifesto.

I do not and will not be part of a scheme that will hoodwink the public because I want to serve them. If anyone resorts to monetary inducement, brigandage and cohesion, then such person’s motive can never be to serve. I, therefore, withdraw my participation in any political arrangement that is not above board. I appeal to all my supporters and well wishers to be calm and law abiding as the Almighty God who sees our hearts and knows our intention is in absolute control.”


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