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Technology. Ever improving, ever changing, it’s invaded every part of everyday life and invaded fashion, too. From simple and basic beauty regimens of many years ago think soap and water to the most complicated, sophisticated, invasive and interestingly processed creams, gels, capsules and processes of today. We now have many types of treatments claiming to fix any and every beauty concern the person of today may have. The variety of choices is sometimes confusing as they all claim to be the greatest discovery since sliced bread. Vanity sells, so this industry is one of the fastest growing in the world today, rampi

fashionable people, these trends have come to stay. Find below some of the easily glossed over treatments and processes being undergone today:


Aka Botucilin, this is actually a poison which paralyses the muscles to which it is applied, creating smoothness and eradicating the frown. Botox is popularly applied to frown lines of the forehead and ‘parenthesis’ lines that run from the sides of the nose to the sides of the mouth. Botox is incredibly effective and seen as some sort of youth elixir. A woman with skillfully applied Botucillin injections looks as much as fifteen years younger in an instant. Needless to say, this has become the ‘poison du jour’ in the aesthetics industry and even has parties held for the sole purpose of gathering women together to get injected! Hold on, though, before you begin to feverishly search for the nearest botox parlor; there is a downside. Excessive use, non professional application or plain mistakes in injecting can make Botox a total nightmare. As popular as it is for 1its effectiveness in eradicating facial lines, it is equally popular for giving men and women who overindulge in its use the ‘frozen’ look. This means that their faces stay in one expression, regardless the emotion they are feeling. Surprise, joy, anger, shock can no longer be facially expressed as the muscles to do this have all been killed off by good old botox. Look around you, no, peep; the person with the eternally surprised look, who is laughing but looks sad, with the rather puffy skin and single facial expression that’s the Botox man or woman!


These can only be applied by a certified professional with accredited skills to operate the specific machinery involved, otherwise you’ve got disaster on your hands! Lasers are very intense light levels used to resurface the skin, remove blemishes, acne scars, stubborn spots, age marks, and generally unsightly discolorations on the face. Lasers work like magic, as the effect is quite obvious. They must be properly applied, though, as what it does is to actually burn off the outer part of the skin that bears the marks and reveal the fresh layer of skin beneath. This is why users smell burning skin when it’s being applied and feel the singeing of their own skin! After treatment, users are warned to avoid the sun and apply huge doses of maximum SPF lotion on their skin. After a few days, a lot of peeling is experienced, after which, voila! out comes fresh, baby like skin. Technology is so cool, n’est-ce pas? Downside? Expensive, painful, long downtime plus who wants to smell their own skin burning?


Teeth! Covered up, glazed over, whitened beyond belief, veneers give you what nature did not sparkling, perfectly set teeth. They are made to measure (think bespoke teeth) and give your smile an instant boost. Veneers are the go to of the beautiful people for almost other wordly teeth and they have become immensely popular and easily accessible. So, when you see the person with teeth that look impossibly impeccable, they actually are impossibly impeccable. They’re veneers and not his/her actual teeth!


Anything invasive takes our love of beauty to another level and crosses the invisible line in the sand. Why? For the simple reason that it’s risky to the most cherished possession you’ve got your life. While face lifts, tummy tucks and breast enlargements are everywhere nowadays, be not fooled by the almost blasé way these processes are being portrayed. It’s not a simple walk into a doctor’s office and then a sudden transformation hours later to the flat tummied or heavy chested person you’ve always longed to be. It’s a serious surgical procedure that requires heavy medication, invasive techniques and quite frankly, the grace of God to emerge from alive. Should you choose to go this route, go in with your eyes wide open and no rose colored glasses on them. You’re undertaking a serious medical procedure with the risk and return inherent in such.

If you choose to use technology to improve your looks in any way, you’d be only one of the several million people who now do same every year and hold on to youthfulness or improve their looks by so doing. If you choose not to, you can still keep trying good old soap and water, creams and potions and healthy diets to boot. Know, however, that these may not give the dramatic results that the alternative does. More power to you, either way, though. It’s your decision to make.

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