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Workers’ demands

Below are some of the placards displayed by workers at the rallies.
Justice for  telecom workers, Govt respect your citizens, NITEL workers , 25 months salary arrears  now!
* A nation without social security is insecurity
* Halt existing  de- industrialisation , votes must count
* PHCN is not the problem, ask the powr probe
* No gas , no electricity
*  Nigerians power is your right, government  must provide it
* PHCN not for sale.
* Journalists need protection
* FOI   bill not for  journalists but for you
* Democracy need unfettered press , passFOI bill
*We demand decent wage.
*We demand credible polls in 2011.
*Detractors leave Fashola alone .
*We reject any VAT increase.
*Lagos mega-city,  a must.
*We mourn our colleagues.
*Pay NITEL\MTEL workers areas of 24 months salaries, Save Our Souls.
*Governor Fashola, support industrial revival.
*Fashola we support mega-city, we need mega wage.
*Government industrialise Nigeria.
*Create jobs, crunch poverty.
*No democracy, no industry, no development.
*We say no to multiple taxes. BBC is wrong. Lagos is working.
*No to cargo economy. Yes to industrial Nigeria.


One union that caught the attention of Ag. president, Goodluck  Ebele Jonathan was the Petroleum and Gas Senior Staff Association.

Being from the Niger- Deltan, he is familiar with the problems of  employees working in the oil rigs. Morover, the oil industry is the goose that lays the golden eggs that we all share.

… demands placards

Dr. Jonathan’s first name Goodluck is working for him  or so it seems as he was ushered in with cheers by thousands of workers who defied instructions to shift back from the podium where he  stood.

Dressed in NLC shirt with  the khaki cap of the NLC , he addressed the workers who punctutated his speeches with cheers.

After  the address, he asked that the placards    be brought to his notice.  Suddenly there was a surge and a near security breach but the security men who were polite through out saved the day.

They collected the placards and took them  into one of the Ag. presidents official cars.

Let’s hope he finds time to read the placards

We still oppose deregulation —NLC

The Nigeria Labour Congress used the May Day to clarify its position on deregulation.

NLC president, Comrade Abdulwaheed Omar said  “ We have also stated in very clear terms our opposition to deregulation. Our stand has recently been misunderstood and misrepresented as indicating support for government’s policy of deregulation.

Our  stand is that government cannot deregulate until certain conditions are met. One of these conditions is that the refineries must be in good order. Another is that all crude oil consumed in Nigeria must be refined in Nigeria, rather than refined abroad and imported into Nigeria. We have also questioned the figures on subsidy provided by government to justify deregulation.

We wish to note that reform of the oil industry cannot be successful or meaningful until we reduce our dependence on crude oil as the mainstay of the economy and resolve the crisis in the Nigeria”.


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