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Decent accommodation await officers in 6 cities

He also pointed out that the management is taking the issue of accommodation serious.
According to him,  “ I have worked in some of these major towns, and I know what officers go through to get decent accommodation. Intervention of successive customs managements has been a function of the limited resources available to them

Dikko  said the project will kick off with Abuja and Lagos. “We are starting from Lagos and Abuja. we are developing a site in Kado for senior staff barracks. we are going to engage technical consultants to redevelop our barracks in Okokomiko along Lagos-Badagry road to a decent place habitable for our officers.”

The customs boss also assured of the renovation of old barracks in Kano, Gowon estate in Lagos and Kano.
Continuing, he said, “The service is funded though what we get from the seven percent of our collections into the Federation Account. Of course, it is grossly inadequate because almost 80% of this is used as monthly overhead costs. This is the central message I have been telling officers, that we need to generate more, so that we can have more to spend.

“The increase in our salaries can only be sustained if we keep the present momentum. Beyond this however, we are making informed presentations to the National Assembly to reconsider a percentage of FOB value of imports as alternative funding formula. This is how the service providers are funded. What is good for them is only fair for us too.”


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